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>> Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I know I'm supposed to provide miss Jazz with the pictures of the GORGEOUS orchard we went apple picking at... I mean it was so pretty with rolling hills and even a mountain perfectly positioned in the background, whoever put that there is so smart! ;)

But wait, let me explain why I can't have the pictures ready... well its because I'll be jetsetting to a foreign land to do exotic and glamorous things with my very own exotic and glamorous boyfriend! Ahhhhh!!

I went for my usual run with a friend. We go just about everyday and talk about this and that, since he is a guy, I ask his opinion sometimes on certain men/women issues. Well, yesterday I was going on and on about various things that annoy me and how I was feeling especially violent on the ferry that day, and he just said: "Ale, just a note of advice, don't ever EVER let your foreign boy see this side of you."

Yeah! NO JOKE! Of course not! He thinks I'm sweet and adorable and love puppies... and even... OTHER PEOPLE! But still... wowww dude! How mean...!

Anyway, point taken. Though I wonder if Nico is hiding something super ugly from me!???
What my friend doesn't realize is that, I could never act that way around Nico, well, as long as he keeps bringing on the double churn ice cream.

Yes, the key to annoyance free life is in the ice cream! Ask your doctor!


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