"The Princess Diaries" Part 2 - My lands

>> Friday, October 20, 2006

So what! Don't you imagine when visiting a new city that you're simply looking over the developments in the far side of your kindgdom!? No...? Oh, well, it's just me then...


So we went for a ride around town, rivers, fields, cows, gardens, orchards, castles... yes EVEN castles!
The whole thing was unbearably romantic! Even the sun was smiling down on us in approval! It was unseasonably warm as we wore just t-shirts!

It really felt like the top of the world. What a great feeling it is when you have a whole beautiful day to do nothing but enjoy and have fun with a special someone... who is willing to make out with you in the courtyard of every castle you pass... or while sitting on any stone wall overlooking the river and a picturesque village on the other side...

Ahhhhh..... yes, aren't you glad you had your barf bag ready!?? :)

Just so this isn't all enveloped in some kind of mystery we were in this lovely town (and surrounding areas).


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