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>> Saturday, October 28, 2006

Finally had time to upload these pictures from the apple orchard Jaz and I went to a few weeks ago. It was gorgeous and the apples were SO GOOD. Eating of the trees for free made them even sweeter. Well you do pay $8 and they hand you a bag which you may fill up with as many apples as you can fit in. Well they obviously didn't know who they were dealing with... we ate lots of apples of the trees. The down side however was that I couldn't look at another apple for a WHILE.

Now check this out and imagine the irony; when Nico and I arrived at the hotel we were staying at, we were handed... what?... yes APPLES!!! That place had big bowls full of apples all over the lobby... that was kinda their thing. Its kinda smallish on this picture, but between the two white columns you can see one of the baskets with apples.

Anyway back to the orchard... Lovely location... and see, mountain in the background.

Here are the beauties up close... YUM! So, like a good girl (as in, NOT like a prostitute I guess) I wanted to make all kinds of applelicious things like pies and apple tarts... and so on and so forth... well I did NON of the things! Why? No reason, laziness. Ok, ok, and because I could not look at another apple in the eye! But still - Lazy! This weekend however, I want to make pumpkin raviolies. And I'm stating it here and now so I feel accountable to EVERYONE (as in EVERYONE). There, I said it, now I HAVE to make them.


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