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>> Thursday, October 19, 2006

Just want to interrupt the "Princess Diaries" for a second. The other day Jazz, Highcontrast, and friend we went to the see La Boheme put on by City Opera. I like opera, though I must admit the last time I went, I was admitted with a child's ticket. Yeah, last year, no, I wish, maybe like 18 yrs ago...

Anyway, it was a rainy evening and I was already getting annoyed as it is due to having to beat and fight my way through the crowds with umbrellas on Fifth ave. Finally we made it to the theater where we also attended a lecture about opera. The lecture was ok, though the speakers were condescending in their ways of explaining the basic elements of opera, I mean COME ON! Everyone knows what an "Aria" is... if not, you can watch TV where our very own Mr. Highcontrast explains to us what it is. (Yes he was picked out of the crowd to be inverviewed because he is just so pretty.) It really wasn't bad, since before the lecture we were able to grab complementary drinks made with Fernet Branca. I was rather annoyed when server chick tried to explain to me what Fernet Branca was. Dude!!! Don't you know I'm a faux Italian!??? I know my aperatifs and digestifs Grazie very mucho!!!

It did calm me down, the drink I mean.

Ok, now as for La Boheme. I liked BEING at the opera, but the storyline was just NOT doing it for me. Its supposed to be a story about falling in love, though to me it looked more like a bunch of poor people looking for a cheap romp that turns out to be more expensive then thought.

Seriously, the play starts out with 2 guys in their little attic bohemian Parisian pad trying to conduct their bohemian activities (paint and write poetry) but its too cold and they have no money for heat... Then the 3rd guy shows up saying he just got paid and they all decide to go out to dinner, it is Christmas after all...

One of the guys Rodolfo (main guy) lingers behind... this is when the main chick, Mimi shows up at his door BEGGING FOR IT.

According to the story, she is supposed to be this shy, sweet girl who talks in a soft voice... YEAH RIGHT! Who does Verdi take us for?? Everyday fools???

This Mimi slut, shows up at Rodolfo's door under the pretext of lighting her candle that has gone out. Then she mentions that she is out of breath climbing all those stairs, so Rodolfo offers her a seat. Now WHY in the world she didn't knock on her next door neighbor's door instead of "climbing all those stairs" sure beats me! Rodolfo is still being a fidgety dumb ass, so Mimi decides to FAINT into his croch area to speed things up. The moran still doesn't get it, but when she comes to, he does offer her some wine. Ok, good.

She sings him a little "Aria" about how she is a nice, sweet girl who likes romance, hint, hint... who's real name is Lucia, but apparently everyone calls her Mimi (hmm... her prostitute nickname perhaps?) She proceeds to tell him that she lives alone... (Ahhh, ALL ALONE) HINT HINT.

Rodolfo the fool still doesn't get it and decides to sing her an "Aria" in return... after he is done, and after some awekward moments of silence Mimi finally decides to leave. But the shameless slut in her doesn't give up so easily!!! She comes right back and says that she dropped her house key in the apartment, then both candles go out cus she creates a draft in the apartment and both of them end up on their all fours on the floor looking for her keys (which she probably never had to begin with because I dont know about any whores locking up their rooms).

Ok, making long story short, she continues to be really annoying asking Rodolfo for presents and etc... then when he rightfully gets sick of her bony ass, she guilts him into staying with her because she gets sick. (Probably syphilis from all her previous whoring around.) At the end she dies. I don't know WHY, but I'm not sad for her, but extremely relieved for Rodolfo.

Hmmm.. maybe I should try Carmen, see if I like that better. She was a conniving seductress and was not afraid to admit it.


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