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I have many interests, and I like to indulge them all - at once. When I was little and trying to decide what I wanted to do when I "grow up" I would go from space explorer to dolphin trainer within a day. When at 14 I announced to my parents that I would do "International Business" and when they asked me to elaborate I said: "I will wear suits, go to meetings and talk to people from all over the world". I'm now realize that this is exactly what I do and I really love it. This however, does not stop me from also trying to be: an entrepreneur, a writer, a cook, and even a painter.

I first met my darling husband virtually. But not on the internet. We met in the "virtual office" of my last firm where we worked with each other daily for six months over email before realizing that we were both same age, have many life philosophies in common and otherwise perfect for each other. What ensued was an international romance to make Hollywood eat their heart out and I moved to Holland precisely on one year anniversary of the day we met (in person). New York City to Little Town, Netherlands was actually not as huge of an adjustment as I thought it might be. I think of this move as making my "American Dream" happen since I always wanted to 1)live near the sea 2)in a small town with a cute main street 3)and have a house with a picket fence and an apple tree in the garden.

I believe that there are many beautiful things in life that happen right in front of eyes. I also believe that our eyes have to be trained to focus on seeing these things. The Sunny Orangery is a space where I practice this ''eye focusing".

A while ago I decided to combine the different blogs I've had throughout the years, which I have done here.  If you decide to go browsing previous years here is a bit of a map:

2005 - 2007 archives hold what used to be "Sempre Primavera", my very first blog that I started while living in NY and wanting to practice seeing beauty around me.  There I called Vito "Nico" and instead of Netherlands I said he was from Germany.  (I used to write some things in code because blogging was still 'scary').

2007 - 2009 archives hold "It's Sunny all the Time" where I chronicle my first 2 years in the Netherlands.  It was a bit of an ''expat" blog.

2010 - enter "The Sunny Orangery"

Some of my faves:
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A blog about finding something beautiful in everyday. Lots of time we forget to do that.

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