>> Friday, September 30, 2005

Sun Blas Islands- Where is my Eye patch and my Bottle of RUM?
Barcelona, Spain - Essential, Passeig de Gracia, Modernists,
Costa Rica - Tamarindo Beach, Manuel Antonio, Volcano Arenal (January and February 2006)
The North Sea - One romantic trip...

New York
Long Island Wine Country - Wineyards , Laurel Lakes
Fire Island - Cadiz comes to visit, lobster and other goods!
Nyack - A perfect Sunday

Somewhere North East - Pretties in PA!
Jim Thorpe - on top of Flagstaff mountain


>> Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Hear this Monday's interview with Radio Barcelona. It is linked on Barcelona Reporter... We discuss on what levels Barcelona sucks and I basically tell Barcelonians what to do and how to act. Yeah, leave it up to me to fix International Relations. (I'll have an update later in the week!)


Cowboy up!

Yeeehaw! Now where did I park my horse last night!??!!

So we're going to take a moment away from International Relations, cus' I think its important to take a look at my new boots!

Yeah, yeah, I know cowboy boots are popular and everyone has them, but I started it!!!! I did, I did!! I got my first pair four years ago! And they were pretty wild looking, deep blood snake. Very vulgar. Now since they're so mainstream I decided to go with a more natural looking pair. (They're the result of my shoegasming last week- at Shoegasm store, of course.)

My very first introduction to real life Cowboys happened at Cal Poly. (California Polytechnic University, at the beautiful San Luis Obispo.) Their Rodeo team is very good, as I was told by my friends that took me to see my very first Rodeo. Cal Poly has one of the largest agricultural programs in the country. Its really awesome on the campus, they have huge pigs, and horses and cows! (Oh my!) I remember having a total crush on the Rodeo club president. Hehe, he had nice thick thighs. I think guys with substantial legs are sexy. This year's guys and gals are #2 nation wide (after Texas). When I was trying to decide my career (at 14) Manager of a Farm was seriously one of my considerations. I don't know where I went wrong and what happened to that dream... ahhh.

But back to my cowboy boots...

Some people may say, "ohhh how vulgar, cosmopolitan city folks are wearing cowboy boots, what kind of perversion is that!" Well to answer that, I say: "What are you talking about!? We have PLENTY of Cowboys in NYC!!!"

We have...

The Naked Cowboy - You can find him most days right in Times Square wearing his cowboy hat, his guitar, boots and underwear. That's it. Otherwise he is NAKED! AND he stays Naked even in November.

Ok, fine he is a singer, but we do have real cowboys...

But the Federation of Black Cowboys over in Howard Beach, Queens are for real. They have stables and participate in Rodeos. They also work with inner city kids. This picture for example was take by someone who saw them in Prospect Park, which is in Brooklyn.

Just goes to show you that ANYTHING is possible. I mean, come on, if we can have Cowboys in NYC then... world is full of opportunities.

And in case you were wondering...

"Cowboy up" means: tuff-up, get back on yer horse, don't back down, don't give up, and do the best you can with the hand you're dealt.


>> Sunday, September 25, 2005

If anyone has an international radio you can tune in to hear my grand interview with Radio Barcelona on Monday 26th, on "La Hora L" on 96.9 just after 1pm.

Unfortunately you can't listen to this program on the web yet since it's pretty new. The program is in Catalan, but my interview in Spanish. For those of you who understand either one, I strongly recommend listening because you will surely pee your pants upon hearing my grammar! (However I'm so adorable that even when I make mistakes I'm perfect!!! hehe)

Anyway, next week, the nice and FRIENDLY people over at la radio should send me a sound file that I will try to figure out how to post on the blog, this way you can hear what I sound like and make fun of my accent. I once was told that when I speak Spanish I sound like a Norwegian Mexican. And I'm not Norwegian OR Mexican, so this should be fun!

Bessotos!!!! Ale
OH THIS is SOOO hillarious!!! go check out what www.barcelonareporter.com put up! They will actually record the interview and we can all go listen to it on the mp3 file. Me too- because I can't tune in for the show either.

Gotta go now... Hollywood is on line one... something about a movie they want to do about me!


Guess who is here!?

>> Thursday, September 22, 2005

Today, SP daubs as an interviewer!

We've seen my investigative reporting skills with exposing Cadiz's hair to the world, now we're going to get down and personal with some fellow bloggers!

Yeah, check it out, I even have a tag line: 'SP brings you the real people behind the blogs!' aaaahahahaha, I'm really too much sometimes... even for myself!!!

And today we have the famous Piu Piu the filmmaker together with her sexy boyfriend P and their two children... well... Felix the cat and Froggy.

Piu Piu is not only a filmmaker, she is also a writer, and a capoeira chick!!! Unbelievable.

Of course the interview will be "immature" just like all the things we do here at SP, but at the same time while the questions I ask are pretty simple... they really give lots of insight into the person's psyche... which will will analyze thoroughly...

SP: Favorite color?
Piu Piu: for me red!

hmmm... lets ANALYZE that with special help from GaGirl (www.gagirl.com)

You have incredible will-power and you are capable of overcoming obstacles that would stop others.
You enjoy a pleasant and colorful environment.
You are capable of bursts of high energy spontaneity, though generally more "laid back".
You are energetic and interested in many areas of life.
You are capable of accomplishment when consciously focused and persistent.

What do you think guys? Sounds like our Piu?? I think so...

And GaGirl has some advice for P as well, who likes Black:

You demand a calm environment, free of conflict and disagreement.
You prefer natural to artificial.
You are capable of being comfortable in conditions that would bother others.
You are not easily disconcerted.
You enjoy attention, but are unsure of how to handle it. Just treat others as you'd like to be treated. It works!

SP: Favorite drink?
Piu Piu: for me- tea (I am British) or champagne (how can it not be!) for P its hot chocolate or whiterussian.

SP: Very interesting... how very refined and elegant of Piu... how very British indeed... and P seems to like contrast, dark hot chocolate and cool white russian... but wait... what do the two drinks have in common?? They're both super sweet! Our conclusion, PiuPiu and P make a saaawweet couple-- aaaawww!

SP: Favorite trip?
Piu Piu: I dunno! Maybe St Petersburg or Iceland.

For P: New York the summer of 2001
SP: Yey! glad someone is having fun in this crazy city!

SP: Who is your blog "mentor"?

Piu Piu: Guyana Gyal of course!! The queen of online words!
SP: Heck yeah! Don't know too many people who would disagree with that!

SP: Tell us one deep dark secret.....

Piu Piu: (whispering) I flirted via IMS with a fellow blogger (not tellin who!)
SP: uuuuuhhhh!!!

SP: What's 'piu piu'? And how you did you get this name?

PiuPiu: It means 'tweet' in Portuguese. My capoeira friends nicknamed me it. They thought I looked like tweety pie cos I had fluffy short hair and big eyes when they first met me.
SP: Right, was that before or after you "capoeira" kicked the living daylights out of them??

SP:Can you briefly introduce your umm... children?
PiuPiu: that's Froggy and Felix the cat. Felix was a little thing we found on a holiday in Mauritius at Xmas.

Well thank you Piu Piu for visiting with us here!! We now know more about our Piu and the man in her life P ... and of course Felix and Froggy! ;)

It has been great fun! (clinking of champaign glasses)

*Credits: This super wonderful interview has been brought to you by the Sempre Primavera immature productions company, in collaboration with http://www.gagirl.com/quiz/quiz.html for color analysis. The PiuPiu and P dolls have be realized by the Piu Piu and P themselves... and have great resemblance. If you browse around some archives at Tenminutes older you will find actual pictures and you'll see for yourselves.

Thank you and tune in next week for an exclusive interview with our next guest; THE Viking from Base 13! (Shall I stop saying "THE" Vinking?)


Last day of summer...

How sad! Last official day of summer. This SUCKS!

Today actually is turning out to be rather wacky. This morning the ferry was definitively heading straight to New Jersey, I think the captain got distracted or something...

Unfortunately at the last moment it made a 90 degree turn and reversed back towards Manhattan- Booooo!
(The coffee however was very good-another anomaly.)

Fall... hmmm... To confess something dark and dirty, the loyal Primavera lover that I am, I do like Fall. I will go further in adulterating the wonderful Spring to say that Spring and Fall have much in common actually!

Sure Spring is warm, but what is it REALLY that's so powerful and magnetic about it? Is it simply the warm weather? Well, why not be in love with the Summer then? Why Sempre Primavera and not Sempre el Verano? Really what Spring represents is change. Its this exciting stage of anticipation of the up coming summer; beach going, and skimpy clothes wearing!

What is Fall? Doesn't it also represent change? Yes! Same anticipation of new things to appear... (in your closet!) Like the kick ass boots I got the other day. Guys are probably rolling their eyes saying, how little it takes to make a woman happy. Not really... (I'll have a picture of the boots up soon.)

I wonder how the seasonal changes are felt in climates where its always warm?? (We must consult with our very own Guyana Gyal...)

Lesson kids: drinking and driving the ferry DON'T mix!
Homework: none for today, go play in the sun-

Almost forgot!!!
So OH MY GOODNESS, I got an email from someone that wants to do a radio interview with me!!!!! Will not say who, what or why, all I will say is that I'm going to make a COMPLETE fool of myself!!! haha- but who cares right? I am after all trying to project a very blonde Ale. (I will link the interview file here so you can all listen and laugh at me.) In fact, I'm already laughing... wait, no, crying actually.


Sweet news and other sweets!

>> Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I've received a confirmation of some very AWESOME news today! I will have a week off in December, to encompass Christmas and New Year holidays!!! Its a week that has been granted to me to live life as it should be lived!!!! Now I just need to figure out what I'm going to do. I already have an idea... but we'll see. I am definitely going AWAY somewhere. This "free-be" week needs to rock!

Its always more fun to have time off when you're "not supposed to". Just like skipping out class (kids, don't listen to me, that's bad!). Its not as great as regular earned vacation, this is much more sweeter!!!

Talking about sweet... Last night, a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend... asked me out for dessert... I could tell this boy was pretty young, but I'm a sucker for guys with green eyes who just ask you out point-blank. Such confidence is just refreshing, I literally can not say "no". Also, what was surprising is that I was coming straight from the beach, my hair was pulled back and I had sand and salt all over me. But than again, I'm so dark now, that when I smile my teeth and my eyeballs are the only features visible! I love it!!

Anyway, the funniest thing was when we were chitchatting, I finally ask him how old he is... and hold my breath...


Whhheeew- I breathe again. What a relief, I was afraid he was 18 or something...

"How old are you?" - he asks.

"27" hehehe, I tried my best to subdue an evil smile...

"WOW!! REALLY!!?? I thought you were like 20 at most!!!!" - There goes the jaw crashing to the floor. (haahaha)

I was pretty proud actually, usually I get 17, 18... so I guess I'm "graduating". I think he got over the initial shock because after our little dessert outing he asked for my number and invited me out again next weekend...

He is super cute. But at the same time, I'm wondering that perhaps I should date guys my own age? But at the same time, if a younger guy pursues you, he is usually confident yet understands not to argue with you. And those are two qualities I absolutely LOVE in a man. Plus, guys "my age" think I'm 17 and not legal yet, so they stay away!!! How sad... hehehe.

Lesson kids: ALWAYS check your love interest's ID card, just to be sure... (International driver licenses are acceptable too.)


>> Sunday, September 18, 2005

Romeo Romeo...where for art thou Romeo!


SP the investigative reporter!

>> Saturday, September 17, 2005

....That's right, we also do investigative reporting here at SP!! What will follow is the grand unveiling of the mysterious, and we will also know soon, the beautiful CADIZ 12!

Cadiz is an actual friend of mine who I know since highschool and she is so hot! But I'm not giving credit to her, its still about me, and how ALL my friends are super beautiful. (hehe)

We've started our blogs at the same time, and I've been a bit surprised that she doesn't really give away any hints on what she looks like. I thought that was in a way robbing the reading public. I think readers have the right to know what the writer looks like, weather you choose to give hints in your writing, post your picture or draw yourself even! In any case its good to have some kind of image.

Since here at SP we promote action (good, bad, productive or not, but ACTION), I decided to take matters into my own hands. So when she was visiting during the Labor Day weekend, I took some pictures with my super James Bond 007 hidden pen camera... (ok, fine, just with my regular camera) ...and I snapped some photos of her....


Sprite bottle

And there you have it! Cadiz.

*Note: Just kidding, I didn't take her photos in a clandestine manner. A number of our friends were asking why she keeps such a secret profile on Jugglethis, so we decided to show some skin, and what better place to do it than on Sempre Primavera! (Ok, fine we never showed skin before, but lets just see if this "pilot" program flies.)

I've seen a few bloggers reveal their identities, or simply decide to just post their face pictures after quite a while blogging. And for them it seems to have worked out just fine... I think there comes a time when such a transition is only natural. When is that time? Hey, its different for everyone. Maybe if it feels right, than do it!

Lesson Kids: Be SAFE if you do decide to do it!
(Basically: send your pictures to SP and she'll put them up on her blog... that's what I call taking percussions.)


Ale is a doll!

>> Thursday, September 15, 2005

Yes, I must put up a picture of myself because our friend Ian has been up to no good again! He just loves to misbehave doesn't he.

Maybe you guys followed the big cultural clash that has been happening on Barcelona Reporter after they picked up and posted one of my merry "Barcelona Bashing sessions". Well, more like, it unLEASHED the wrath of Barca residents (or is it... Citizens?). Our Ian was actually the first to formally disagree with my nasty little remarks. hehehe

While we congratulated Ian on issuing a response, he has gone farther still and started to attack my actual person. Well not exactly. He just made some incorrect yet interesting assumptions on the way I look and what I wear. (He OBVIOUSLY did not read my shoegasm post, Very bad Ian!)

He insist that I wear Mexican sombrero hats! (Clearly any Vogue abiding person knows that its the COWBOY hats that are in style... although sombreros are an interesting idea...) Also, he went on to declare that I probably wear hip hugging jeans (ok, that one is true, Miss Sixty!!) What was NOT good is that he suggested that I probably let my thong show! Absolutely not Mr! While Christina Aquilera, being originally from Staten Island, shows her undergarments rather without disgression, I do no such thing! Thus, I had to put up a picture! AREN'T I such a DOLL! (and notice: No underwear showing!)

(This is the link actually to the dollmaker web site. I saw it on Caribbean Colours blog and thought it was mighty fun! http://elouai.com/doll-makers/candybar-doll-maker.php )

I love it- it so does look like me! :) Although, sometimes I straighten my hair with my industrial strength iron...

Lesson kids: Ale is a doll and a snappy dresser!

On a serious note: I promise, prrroomise to put up pictures of the sexy Cadiz very promptly... since I've received a number of ardent emails from admirers urging me to hurry-up.


First island hop - Haiti

>> Monday, September 12, 2005

We are on a tour in the Caribbean. Remember!? Well anyway I read two related books already and figure I'd give you a review.

Well our first island hop is Haiti.

The first thing I did was google Haiti and get find out some VERY basic facts about it. Unfortunately besides its location, and that there is something turbulent going on with its politics I didn't know any real details. The CIA World Fact Book, who I think are geniuses in summarization techniques, gives you a quick glimpse.

The native Arawak Amerindians - who inhabited the island of Hispaniola when it
was discovered by Columbus in 1492 - were virtually annihilated by Spanish
settlers within 25 years. In the early 17th century, the French established a
presence on Hispaniola, and in 1697, Spain ceded to the French the western third
of the island - Haiti.

The French colony, based on forestry and sugar-related industries, became one of the wealthiest in the Caribbean, but only through the heavy importation of African slaves and considerable environmental degradation.

In the late 18th century, Haiti's nearly half million slaves revolted under
Toussaint L'OUVERTURE and after a prolonged struggle, became the first black
republic to declare its independence in 1804. Haiti has been plagued by
political violence for most of its history. It is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.

The first book I read was "The Dew Breaker" by Edwidge Danticat. Why I chose it? Well honestly, I saw it on the best sellers table in the bookstore and since I'm all

tuned into Caribbean stuff I grabbed it. Book was awesome. Its a contemporary story but looks into Haiti and its history by giving us glimpses into lives of a number of interconnected characters...

This book touches upon Haiti's politics and how many of its leaders have been exiled. How even though it is a democratic state, force is still being used to scare people into following.

Even though Haiti was the first slave state to gain its independence, to this day many children still act as if indentured servants when their poor families give them away to "have a better life" with richer families in the cities. They're called Restaveks.

The author has written a number of other books related to Haiti. What's also curious is that she is young, having published her fist book at 26 and has grown up in America.

I personally find it the biggest high to learn about people and their culture that is completely different from my own, only to find out how VERY similar we all really are!! (I may almost be able to skip on coffee that day.)


Isla del Fuego!!!

>> Saturday, September 10, 2005


We found food!

We did it! We woke up super early and headed to the mysterious Isla del Fuego!!! Its not really mysterious, its just that while the Hamptons are know all over the world (Sex in the City watching world), Fire Island had managed to remain incognito, and very relaxed. People come there to really be with the ocean without caring what brand is their hand bag. Now some of my friends are saying: "Dude, you are the BRAND POLICE!" yes, maybe, but not when it comes to the OCEAN. This relationship must be PURE, unadulterated with no barriers. You must strip yourself (literally) and enjoy! So that's what people do on Fire Island. They go to the beach and than pull their hair back and go eat some seafood in the evening all the while licking their salty lips.

We beat all the traffic which was pretty amazing and we attributed it to the all powerful Cadiz who has been bringing us good luck all weekend! Example: the day before our umbrella rental at the beach was FREE and from a girl too! Nice one Cadiz! So upon arriving to Bayshore which is a pretty sleepy town I immediately looked to Cadiz for guidance on procuring us a kick ass breakfast. "What do we do Cadiz!?" Well first of all we parked. And to any New Yorker successful parking in itself is an accomplishment that warrants a prize and a visit to a Spa. (PLUS, Cadiz fights the parking gods everyday so she was excited about the easy parking spot that was just prostituting itself for free on the street corner.) Not even a meter!!! Yes!

Ok, after a congratulatory party we walked over to a place that looked like breakfast possibility... nope was closed! Boooo!!!! My necessity for caffeine was beginning to exhibit itself rather aggressively. I was beginning to have hot flashes and thoughts of impending dume... Cadiz was just hungry. despite of a cute Main street, the coffee shops were lacking! For a second there we both thought we might die from hunger and thirst! (But right after I would right to city council and give them a piece of my mind!)

We cautiously got back into the car. (After all it was rather scary leaving the parking spot, since it is logged in our brain that we may NEVER find parking again... even though we are fully aware that we are in a sleepy town in the middle of long island... see the crippling effect city life has on your brain! And I don't mean the run on sentence.)

Anyway. We zoomed by the court house, a bank and a bunch of other irrelevant stuff... and than there we saw it! Winnies. It didn't look opened but we owed it to posterity to try to go in and eat! It was opened! THANK goodness! It was a tiny, and immaculate little place. A long counter table on one side with vintage spin stools and a few little tables right opposite of it. AAAAAaaa, and there is COFFEE!!! Sarcastic locals were eating breakfast while making comments (hopefully not about us).

We had Eggs, home fries, toast (prettily arranged on our mismatched plates) and of course coffee. It was all for $3.50!!! That's just craziness!!! My coffee mug was advertising a local car shop and Cadiz's cup was executive marble blue. I guess that's how the owner is able to keep the prices low. :) Everything was delicious!!! We practically licked our plates clean, which I think made the initially grumpy owner warm up to us. He must have taken us for prissy city girls with sunglasses on the head and wondering eyes for Starbucks shops. No not our eyes! They wonder, just not in search of Starbucks.


After breakfast we drove down the street to take the ferry. Of course with this being a holiday weekend all 3 huge parking lots were already full so we had to go park at some clandestine lot at some college. But it was just a short walk away.

Unpleasant incident on the Ferry, well actually PLEASANT!

On the ferry, as Cadiz and I were having a lovely conversation some stupid girl was almost spraining her neck to look at us! OK, understandable, we are super cute and all men, women, old ladies and babies want to look at us... but there was something more to her beady eyed stare... At first we tried not to pay attention. (After all, if we turned our head to look at every single person that looked at us, we'd be having whiplashes everyday.) So it went on for a few minutes. I finally turned and looked at her. Surprisingly she didn't turn away. She just sat there looking at me like a drunk, fat fly on a sticky table top in a Tijuana beer joint! I was like "Cadiz, what the hell is she looking at!? Hold me back before I go over there and smack her with a fly sweep." After a while, we figured it out! She was with a BOYFRIEND. And apparently he was in our plain view so she was monitoring the situation and making sure we were not looking at her man.

GIRL! Get over it! If we want to look at your guy there is very little you can do about that! And for the record: we so WERE NOT looking at her guy, we were not even noticing them!!! Until of course she started craning her neck like a giraffe calling attention to herself. Only then did we look over... And actually, we took a look at her guy and he WAS pretty cute! In fact, she was creating such a scene that the guy felt compelled to turn around to see what was going on! And judging by a little smile, he was flattered that we were noticing him. Yeah, thank your silly girlfriend that now we're eyeing you. Anyway, maybe its true, ALL women become psycho when they're in a relationship. I guess I do that too... I stare down all the girls in the 5 mile radius of my guy... I do, I admit. But it's because all my guy are SOOO HOT! :)

Back to having fun...

We spent the whole day at the beach. Swimming, Hotties playing volleyball, sun. Heaven. Cadiz kissed the sand a few times. Not on purpose, just upon a strong suggestion of a few waves that wouldn't take no for an answer. Hmmm... it was good I presume, since she came back for more quite a few times. I always say, just go with the flow it'll be less rough and more pleasureful. Riding waves is great fun, isn't it!?

After the beach we went to my favorite place right on the water. Delicious! We had lobsters of course and a bottle of very chilled Reisling. I really wonder if I did this every evening how many

evenings it would take to be bored with it. Is that even possible?

I was so great being there! But what would all this be so much fun if you weren't sharing it with a friend! Absolutely NOT. Who would pour you wine when your arm isn't steady anymore???

So kids what have we learned?

1. Isla del Fuego es lo maximo!
2. Cadiz likes to eat sand.
3. We both like to eat lobsters.
4. Friends are good for pouring wine.
5. Volleyball hotties are sexy
6. Purple, red and yellow make a surprisingly good combination.
7. After you've indulged yourself to the max there is still room for more! ...more ice-cream!
chocolate for baby Cadiz and mint chocolate chip for baby Ale.

We also learned that apparently I can't be left alone in a restaurant without being hit on!!! Apparently, I'm "hot stuff" according to some very adorable 6 year olds. (Actually I think the oldest of them was 6 yrs old...) CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!!! Boy, they start early now days! And as for me, I've hit a new record! I've always liked younger guys, but this... is just incredible!

Thre must be something in the water...

Time to go to the beach, dim-sum palace, pictures of Cadiz, vintage cars and vintage soda "pop" bottles are comming up!

CADIZ come back!!!!! I'm having wine later... who's going to pouuuuur!!!!


Broken telephone

>> Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Everyone is finally beginning to question what the HECK took so long to respond to the disaster in New Orleans!!!??!!

Well, I of course have my version of the story... Please see below a transcript of a phone call between President Bush and the People of Louisiana. While this call didn't actually happen, it might as well have judging by the results.

Ring, RING!

Mr. Bush: Hello, this is the President of the United States of America speaking, how may I help you! (yeaaah, I always get a kick out of sayin' my full title)

People of Louisiana: Hello.. Hello! Mr. President!? We're calling you for help. HELP! We're totally getting submerged by the water, people are dying, there is no water or electricity...!!! We need your help!

Mr. Bush: I see, now, where are you calling from you said??

People: New Orleans sir, you know, where the hurricane wiped out everything!!

Mr. Bush: Right... now, let me understand this here... I thought we already sent help to the tsunami victims??? you guys are still getting flooded??

People: No, no Sir. We're from New Orleans. LOUISIANA sir.

Mr. Bush: Luisi- what?

People: LU-ISI-ANA- you know, a sate, we're part of the United States of America sir, we're sorta west (right) from Florida!

Mr. Bush: OH YEAH!!! now I know what you're talking about... you guys have the Mardi Grass!!! I saw it on the episode of "Girls Gone Wild!" That's where all the girls were taking of their shirts for carnival beads!!! Boy, that was a good show...

People: Right sir, so back to us being flooded... we need HELP right away sir!!!

Mr. Bush: Hey, I'm having trouble hearing you... what's all that noise???

People: Well as we were saying sir, its the rushing waters, people screaming and some gun shots, cus a few bad seeds got a hold of guns and started shooting!!!

Mr. Bush: Oh, that's good, I always said citizens should have the right to bear arms!

People: No, Mr. President, they're bad guys, who are killing people.

Mr. Bush: oh, that's not good. So you say you need help. Ok, are you in the top 1% richest Americans??

People: OH NO sir. We're actually in the bottom 30% of the poorest Americans... and we need help...

Mr. Bush: Hmmm.... hold on, I'm trying to pull you guys up on my database... sorry, my computer is slow today it'll be just a moment.

Mr. Bush: Oh, hmmmm... I guess you're not in my system at all... I don't' know if I can help...

People: But you have to!!! People are dying!! We know, you're super busy with the whole Iraq crisis but could you at least get us some National Guards???

Mr. Bush: Well fine- but where are YOUR assigned guards???

People: Well, you've sent them to Iraq sir, Remember??

Mr. Bush: oh, right, right... well, OK, hang on, I'll get right on it!!!

Hangs up.

Mr. Bush: ....after I take a nap... Than I'll call Candy to talk to her contacts in Europe and see if they can help... after all we helped them during the WWII. MAN, I'm glad I got that personal history tutor... learned so much usefull stuff about history and stuff.... Yawwwwwn, now about that nap.....

Lesson kids: Drink as much of American wine as possible! Because at this rate, we may not have an America for much longer...!!!


Welcome home you animal!

>> Tuesday, September 6, 2005

It all started with an SMS stating: "WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE BABY!".

At approximately 11.34 Cadiz 12 made touch town on the airport runway... Animal comes back to the grazing grounds! You know its true what they say about the law of the jungle, big animals eat smaller animals... and let me tell you, we ATE them all!!! ...Oh, and drank too!

What follows is a weekend of COMPLETE indulgence!

Cadiz came to visit for a "mini-break" from dungeon living and we did some relaxing in the New York City area and vicinity. Relax? In NYC?? Oh, its possible! We were not about to be rushed anywhere!!

We commemorated her entrance into the city with a nice cold glass of beer as it was hot outside. (And yes, it was past noon... It was around 1pm!)

Then we went to do a bit of shopping in Soho, but it was a zoo (lots of other animals) out there and we got tired after about 14 minuts and decided to go relax in a civilized manner with a nice glass of with wine. We went to Zoe, which is a block away from Broadway on Prince street. The have a lovely bar and an ALL American wine list. I enjoy American wines very much, plus there is something very sexy about letting your own land feed you. (Click on the picture above for the wine menu.)

After the glass of wine, we forwarded ourselves to a brand new section of the city. Thee East Village. Walking all the way over there made us super thirsty, so we decided to break at One91 for a little drink. The place has a pretty little garden outside with a fountain in which a marble Venus is spitting water in lovely cascading puddles around her... (Ok, never mind the description... we were thirsty, and were concentrating on the Reisling.) While there I checked out the menu and it sounded delicious! I definitely want to come back there for dinner. This restaurant is Mediterranean... thus the spitting Venus.

After that, we went around the corner to Oliva, this Spanish tapas place for some... tapas, and more drinks. We indulged in some wonderful Croquettas, Empanadita, y Olivas. The Sangria we got was NOT good. I will remember to stick to beer when in Olivas.

Tapas were just enough to wet our palette and prepare it for dinner.

We headed to Alphabet city next to Assenzio wine bar to meet up with a few more friends and for some good Sardegnan cookin'. Cadiz and I got a bit nostalgic with the server since he was from Villassimius. (A few years ago us four girls went on an awesome vacation in Sardegna and we always get nostalgic whenever the following things get mentioned: Sardegna, Mirto, Moon on the beach, Jaguar. Maybe one day I'll tell.)

I must report that I was pretty impressed with Assenzio. The server was a "real" italian. Great wine list, lots of local Sardegnan and South Italian wines. It is also one of the only two places where you can get Mirto, a Sardegnan specialty. A sweet liquor from myrtle berries.

After that we went to an undisclosed location for some night life provided by Club "X". Thanks to Jasmine's expertise.

Great day, and a great day to start off the long holiday weekend! Tomorrow, pictures from the mysterious Isla del Fuego that we went to on Sunday!!!! And I will also be posting a picture of Cadiz right here on SP! :)


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