>> Saturday, September 17, 2005

Sprite bottle

And there you have it! Cadiz.

*Note: Just kidding, I didn't take her photos in a clandestine manner. A number of our friends were asking why she keeps such a secret profile on Jugglethis, so we decided to show some skin, and what better place to do it than on Sempre Primavera! (Ok, fine we never showed skin before, but lets just see if this "pilot" program flies.)

I've seen a few bloggers reveal their identities, or simply decide to just post their face pictures after quite a while blogging. And for them it seems to have worked out just fine... I think there comes a time when such a transition is only natural. When is that time? Hey, its different for everyone. Maybe if it feels right, than do it!

Lesson Kids: Be SAFE if you do decide to do it!
(Basically: send your pictures to SP and she'll put them up on her blog... that's what I call taking percussions.)


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