>> Sunday, September 25, 2005

If anyone has an international radio you can tune in to hear my grand interview with Radio Barcelona on Monday 26th, on "La Hora L" on 96.9 just after 1pm.

Unfortunately you can't listen to this program on the web yet since it's pretty new. The program is in Catalan, but my interview in Spanish. For those of you who understand either one, I strongly recommend listening because you will surely pee your pants upon hearing my grammar! (However I'm so adorable that even when I make mistakes I'm perfect!!! hehe)

Anyway, next week, the nice and FRIENDLY people over at la radio should send me a sound file that I will try to figure out how to post on the blog, this way you can hear what I sound like and make fun of my accent. I once was told that when I speak Spanish I sound like a Norwegian Mexican. And I'm not Norwegian OR Mexican, so this should be fun!

Bessotos!!!! Ale
OH THIS is SOOO hillarious!!! go check out what www.barcelonareporter.com put up! They will actually record the interview and we can all go listen to it on the mp3 file. Me too- because I can't tune in for the show either.

Gotta go now... Hollywood is on line one... something about a movie they want to do about me!


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