Ale is a doll!

>> Thursday, September 15, 2005

Yes, I must put up a picture of myself because our friend Ian has been up to no good again! He just loves to misbehave doesn't he.

Maybe you guys followed the big cultural clash that has been happening on Barcelona Reporter after they picked up and posted one of my merry "Barcelona Bashing sessions". Well, more like, it unLEASHED the wrath of Barca residents (or is it... Citizens?). Our Ian was actually the first to formally disagree with my nasty little remarks. hehehe

While we congratulated Ian on issuing a response, he has gone farther still and started to attack my actual person. Well not exactly. He just made some incorrect yet interesting assumptions on the way I look and what I wear. (He OBVIOUSLY did not read my shoegasm post, Very bad Ian!)

He insist that I wear Mexican sombrero hats! (Clearly any Vogue abiding person knows that its the COWBOY hats that are in style... although sombreros are an interesting idea...) Also, he went on to declare that I probably wear hip hugging jeans (ok, that one is true, Miss Sixty!!) What was NOT good is that he suggested that I probably let my thong show! Absolutely not Mr! While Christina Aquilera, being originally from Staten Island, shows her undergarments rather without disgression, I do no such thing! Thus, I had to put up a picture! AREN'T I such a DOLL! (and notice: No underwear showing!)

(This is the link actually to the dollmaker web site. I saw it on Caribbean Colours blog and thought it was mighty fun! )

I love it- it so does look like me! :) Although, sometimes I straighten my hair with my industrial strength iron...

Lesson kids: Ale is a doll and a snappy dresser!

On a serious note: I promise, prrroomise to put up pictures of the sexy Cadiz very promptly... since I've received a number of ardent emails from admirers urging me to hurry-up.


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