Welcome home you animal!

>> Tuesday, September 6, 2005

It all started with an SMS stating: "WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE BABY!".

At approximately 11.34 Cadiz 12 made touch town on the airport runway... Animal comes back to the grazing grounds! You know its true what they say about the law of the jungle, big animals eat smaller animals... and let me tell you, we ATE them all!!! ...Oh, and drank too!

What follows is a weekend of COMPLETE indulgence!

Cadiz came to visit for a "mini-break" from dungeon living and we did some relaxing in the New York City area and vicinity. Relax? In NYC?? Oh, its possible! We were not about to be rushed anywhere!!

We commemorated her entrance into the city with a nice cold glass of beer as it was hot outside. (And yes, it was past noon... It was around 1pm!)

Then we went to do a bit of shopping in Soho, but it was a zoo (lots of other animals) out there and we got tired after about 14 minuts and decided to go relax in a civilized manner with a nice glass of with wine. We went to Zoe, which is a block away from Broadway on Prince street. The have a lovely bar and an ALL American wine list. I enjoy American wines very much, plus there is something very sexy about letting your own land feed you. (Click on the picture above for the wine menu.)

After the glass of wine, we forwarded ourselves to a brand new section of the city. Thee East Village. Walking all the way over there made us super thirsty, so we decided to break at One91 for a little drink. The place has a pretty little garden outside with a fountain in which a marble Venus is spitting water in lovely cascading puddles around her... (Ok, never mind the description... we were thirsty, and were concentrating on the Reisling.) While there I checked out the menu and it sounded delicious! I definitely want to come back there for dinner. This restaurant is Mediterranean... thus the spitting Venus.

After that, we went around the corner to Oliva, this Spanish tapas place for some... tapas, and more drinks. We indulged in some wonderful Croquettas, Empanadita, y Olivas. The Sangria we got was NOT good. I will remember to stick to beer when in Olivas.

Tapas were just enough to wet our palette and prepare it for dinner.

We headed to Alphabet city next to Assenzio wine bar to meet up with a few more friends and for some good Sardegnan cookin'. Cadiz and I got a bit nostalgic with the server since he was from Villassimius. (A few years ago us four girls went on an awesome vacation in Sardegna and we always get nostalgic whenever the following things get mentioned: Sardegna, Mirto, Moon on the beach, Jaguar. Maybe one day I'll tell.)

I must report that I was pretty impressed with Assenzio. The server was a "real" italian. Great wine list, lots of local Sardegnan and South Italian wines. It is also one of the only two places where you can get Mirto, a Sardegnan specialty. A sweet liquor from myrtle berries.

After that we went to an undisclosed location for some night life provided by Club "X". Thanks to Jasmine's expertise.

Great day, and a great day to start off the long holiday weekend! Tomorrow, pictures from the mysterious Isla del Fuego that we went to on Sunday!!!! And I will also be posting a picture of Cadiz right here on SP! :)



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