>> Saturday, September 10, 2005

After breakfast we drove down the street to take the ferry. Of course with this being a holiday weekend all 3 huge parking lots were already full so we had to go park at some clandestine lot at some college. But it was just a short walk away.

Unpleasant incident on the Ferry, well actually PLEASANT!

On the ferry, as Cadiz and I were having a lovely conversation some stupid girl was almost spraining her neck to look at us! OK, understandable, we are super cute and all men, women, old ladies and babies want to look at us... but there was something more to her beady eyed stare... At first we tried not to pay attention. (After all, if we turned our head to look at every single person that looked at us, we'd be having whiplashes everyday.) So it went on for a few minutes. I finally turned and looked at her. Surprisingly she didn't turn away. She just sat there looking at me like a drunk, fat fly on a sticky table top in a Tijuana beer joint! I was like "Cadiz, what the hell is she looking at!? Hold me back before I go over there and smack her with a fly sweep." After a while, we figured it out! She was with a BOYFRIEND. And apparently he was in our plain view so she was monitoring the situation and making sure we were not looking at her man.

GIRL! Get over it! If we want to look at your guy there is very little you can do about that! And for the record: we so WERE NOT looking at her guy, we were not even noticing them!!! Until of course she started craning her neck like a giraffe calling attention to herself. Only then did we look over... And actually, we took a look at her guy and he WAS pretty cute! In fact, she was creating such a scene that the guy felt compelled to turn around to see what was going on! And judging by a little smile, he was flattered that we were noticing him. Yeah, thank your silly girlfriend that now we're eyeing you. Anyway, maybe its true, ALL women become psycho when they're in a relationship. I guess I do that too... I stare down all the girls in the 5 mile radius of my guy... I do, I admit. But it's because all my guy are SOOO HOT! :)

Back to having fun...

We spent the whole day at the beach. Swimming, Hotties playing volleyball, sun. Heaven. Cadiz kissed the sand a few times. Not on purpose, just upon a strong suggestion of a few waves that wouldn't take no for an answer. Hmmm... it was good I presume, since she came back for more quite a few times. I always say, just go with the flow it'll be less rough and more pleasureful. Riding waves is great fun, isn't it!?

After the beach we went to my favorite place right on the water. Delicious! We had lobsters of course and a bottle of very chilled Reisling. I really wonder if I did this every evening how many

evenings it would take to be bored with it. Is that even possible?

I was so great being there! But what would all this be so much fun if you weren't sharing it with a friend! Absolutely NOT. Who would pour you wine when your arm isn't steady anymore???

So kids what have we learned?

1. Isla del Fuego es lo maximo!
2. Cadiz likes to eat sand.
3. We both like to eat lobsters.
4. Friends are good for pouring wine.
5. Volleyball hotties are sexy
6. Purple, red and yellow make a surprisingly good combination.
7. After you've indulged yourself to the max there is still room for more! ...more ice-cream!
chocolate for baby Cadiz and mint chocolate chip for baby Ale.

We also learned that apparently I can't be left alone in a restaurant without being hit on!!! Apparently, I'm "hot stuff" according to some very adorable 6 year olds. (Actually I think the oldest of them was 6 yrs old...) CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!!! Boy, they start early now days! And as for me, I've hit a new record! I've always liked younger guys, but this... is just incredible!

Thre must be something in the water...

Time to go to the beach, dim-sum palace, pictures of Cadiz, vintage cars and vintage soda "pop" bottles are comming up!

CADIZ come back!!!!! I'm having wine later... who's going to pouuuuur!!!!


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