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>> Saturday, September 17, 2005

....That's right, we also do investigative reporting here at SP!! What will follow is the grand unveiling of the mysterious, and we will also know soon, the beautiful CADIZ 12!

Cadiz is an actual friend of mine who I know since highschool and she is so hot! But I'm not giving credit to her, its still about me, and how ALL my friends are super beautiful. (hehe)

We've started our blogs at the same time, and I've been a bit surprised that she doesn't really give away any hints on what she looks like. I thought that was in a way robbing the reading public. I think readers have the right to know what the writer looks like, weather you choose to give hints in your writing, post your picture or draw yourself even! In any case its good to have some kind of image.

Since here at SP we promote action (good, bad, productive or not, but ACTION), I decided to take matters into my own hands. So when she was visiting during the Labor Day weekend, I took some pictures with my super James Bond 007 hidden pen camera... (ok, fine, just with my regular camera) ...and I snapped some photos of her....


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