Night (marish) revelries...

>> Saturday, March 31, 2007

Gosh, I've been having all kinds of nightmares and weird dreams lately.

I am sure that it's because of some internal nervousness about my move. Like last week I dreamed up a whole new universe with lavender sky, and the earth being one huge futuristic building complex. The entire dream I kept walking in and out of all kinds of corridors and up and down stairs trying to figure out a way to get back to the "real universe". When I finally found the right doors someone on the intercom told me I needed a password to go through and that password could basically be looked up only at the location I started out from!! Obviously I would never be able to retrace my steps up and down and all around!

Last night I woke up around 4am because I dreamed that I moved to the Netherlands and some bakery called "Poppy Buns" (!??) wanted to SUE me for an incorrect mention on this blog!? Well I googled "poppy buns" and do not see any bakeries with such name (and no wonder!)... But in my dream I got pretty worried and kept throwing out their letters in the garbage and a messenger would deliver a new one everyday!!!! I started storing them underneath the sink in the bathroom and it started overflowing (the letters... not the sink).

I guess I'm just having the worst case ever of "am I forgetting anything"!

ps: oh and 3 weeks ago I had a dream that it was time to leave for the airport and NOTHING was packed yet... scary...

I must breathe and concentrate on sweet happy things... like for instance, a cupcake mountain!!



>> Friday, March 30, 2007

OMG! I'm so excited I just had a phone testing session with a language school in Amsterdam. They said, based on the written part I need to stop playing myself thinking I'm a beginner and just go straight into the intermediate level. (!!!)

Of course as I sent in my written test, I left them Vito's telephone number and when the lady called with the news, Vito told HER to stop playing because I can't even order a beer correctly. (If I say: I want more right now! It is not because I can't speak Dutch, it's just because I can't stop speaking NYC.)

Anyway, because they were so impressed with me they're going to send a limo to pick me up to take me to class!!!! At least that's what I think she said in Dutch.... what does "U gaat jong meisje zweten!" mean?


Happy vrijdag!


Miss Piggy!

>> Thursday, March 29, 2007

On the way to my run I stopped by my friend's house. I like to think he lives on the street with the Italian mafia, because the street has huge brick homes. (Instead of cardboard that the rest of the houses are made of.) See, the main industry on Staten Island is construction and well... what is the best way to "wash" money? Elaborate homes! Now, I'm just talking out of my imagination (and news reports and overheard conversations at the local supermarket...) I personally do not know or even know of ANY real mafiosi... so the fact that I'm about to skip country has nothing to do with running from the mob! (Just so we're clear.)

But this post is not about the mafia, it's about wild animals. This is the thing about New York City, it is very diverse and it's hard to be surprised about anything since all kinds of people come here and bring all kinds of habits with them.

This also manifests itself in the pet choices. Once I've seen a girl walking around with a HUGE parrot on her shoulder. There were news reports of a pet tiger that lived in a manhattan apartment. Of course it went crazy and ate his owner, but that is probably because manhattan apartments are so tiny!! I wonder how humans don't go crazy and eat each other living in them! In Staten Island there is a bit more room. For example in a house like above, one could very well house a medium sized elephant. Or a little cute giraffe- the front door is tall enough!

My friend has an adorable raccoon! Miss Piggy. It's not exactly legal per se' but if the cops arrive on his street, lets just say the raccoon will be the LAST on their list of priorities.

On the pictures maybe the raccoon looks smallish, but its actually HUGE when it stands up and tries to "kiss" you... I put my hair away in case she decided to jump on top of my head or do some other wild animal gesture.

Hmm, I guess they really like animals over in the Netherlands since they have a whole political party devoted to them!! Wow! (See.... Ducky would be so happy there...!)


To bring or not to bring...? (Volume 2)

>> Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Yes, more dilemmas as to what to bring or what not to bring. So to help me decide, today we are going to play a very very exciting game called:

BRING IT! or LEAVE IT! ("recorded" cheers from the live studio audience please)

Today's contestant is....... DUCKY!!!!

A bit about ducky:

He is fabulous, fuzzy, pink, and he QUACKS! Kinda like Donald Duck!

He loves to travel, good food and relaxation.

Even though he is a bird he doesn't actually fly, unless his seat belt is fastened and he did not forget his Italian Dance Compilation CD!

He loves to sleep on 800 thread count sheets in the very best hotels. Yes he is a bit snobby, but its because he knows he is one of a kind...

(Accompanying photos were taken while on a Bachelorette trip for my friend Bernadetta to the lovely Santa Barbara, California) Ducky was the only "boy" among 10 girls!

Seems logical to bring him, but at the same time, will there be room for Ducky in my new fabulous life in the Netherlands?? (Not to mention... will I have room in my luggage?)

I mean, I will be mature and grown up and will not have time for duck games..?

Help me DECIDE!!! do I BRING IT? or do I LEAVE IT?

Should Ducky come to Netherlands with me?
Bring it! He is pink and fab!!
Leave it! You got Vito now! free polls


Ahhh the family...!!

>> Tuesday, March 27, 2007

For my birthday, which very inconveniently fell on a Monday, we had a small, quiet family soire'. That in itself is an accomplishment because there is nothing quiet about my family, except for my dad who is just always calm and relaxed (we think he is an alien...). Well yesterday evening it was just my parents, my brother and my grandparents and somehow we still managed to make more noise then my dad liked to suffer... So at one point in the evening when the volume really rose and everyone was talking at the same time he just said:

You! stop whistling like an on-coming train! (pointing at my mom)

You! stop jangling like 50 bells! (at least I'm a bell and not a train!)

You! stop being a trumpet! (pointing at my brother)

My grandma is also naturally a soft spoken person, but since the only way to participate in a conversation is to scream at the top of your lungs so she learned too.

Grandpa is however the only person "officially" allowed to talk loudly, and that's because he's been through the war and all those granades blowing up all the time at close proximity could really damage those eardrums. What's the rest of ours' excuse I don't know...

Vito dear, get your "loud voice" ready for when you're in New York ;)

(Grandma and Grandpa helping Daniele with his homework)
And on another happy note, my lovely mamochka cooked up an absolute storm! My expressed desire to also cook something was dismissed with "Yeah, whatever" I even got a cake with CANDLES!!! :) Seriously, I think me turning the big 29 left a bigger impression on my mom then me...

You know you're special when mom makes a 4 layer secret recipe cake from a super secret old cookbook that is HAND written... we had to literally rip Daniele's face out of the cake, he loved it so much...


March 26!

>> Monday, March 26, 2007

So RiRi's birthday was Saturday, her husband's birthday was actually on Sunday... and guess who is the birthday girl TODAY!???


To be perfectly honest, this year I came really close to forgetting my own birthday... There is just way too much excitement and commotion that is going on due to moving that if it weren't for my blackberry beeping at me with birthday alarms for the other March babies, I'd totally forget my own.

I'm not big on making a huge deal out of my birthday but there have definitely been some memorable moments!

Well my 21st B-day was unforgettable and at the same time "hard to remember"! RiRi and I had a joint celebration since we went to the same university. Great fun, a big party with all our friends there... what I don't remember is how her and I ended up in the shower (fully dressed) at the end of the night!

My 22nd B-day was not as rambunctious but nevertheless glamorous. I was studying abroad in Florence and a whole bunch of us went out to my favorite place, Maracana. It was a pizzeria turn samba dancing place. Had a pizza Napoletana... ;)

My 23rd B-day also involved a pizza in Italy ;) This time, quatro staggioni IN Naples.

Anyway fast forward to another B-day full of sharp sensations... last year on my 28th B-day I opened my mailbox and saw a little pack... it was from Netherlands!!! A few month's before I started exchanging some emails with a co-worker from my company's Dutch office (whom I've never met in real life). Some shared stories of travels, pictures of our coastlines and empty liquor bottles, and boom we became friends! The pack had two CD's of a famous Dutch group (in Dutch) and as I listened to it in the car on the way to work I couldn't help but to be very curious about this new friend... (hehe).


To bring or not to bring...?

>> Saturday, March 24, 2007

The entire downstairs of my parents house is filled with various piles of various clothes from various eras. Ok, I'm not THAT old (yet, come Monday I'll be even OLDER) but there are just certain pieces that I'm really attached to.

Check out the internal voices: "But this is the little t-shirt I was wearing when that cute boy kissed me at my friend's sweet sixteen!" Or- "This is the sweatshirt I got in Gap when the girls and I were driving on an impromptu trip from San Luis Obispo to LA and it got cold..." Even though all this stuff may have shrunk beyond remedy, or has paint stains on them, I never wanted to throw it away.

For example:

A perfectly nice NYC Lifeguard t-shirt given to me by my very first boyfriend. Its historical! How can I throw it out? Besides, its ORANGE and I can wear it to cheer the Dutch National Football team. See!! Makes perfect sense to keep it right!?

Or this sweater! I don't even know HOW I got it... probably from camp. Around week 5 we'd reach the point, when everyone has run out of clean laundry and wearing each others' dirty clothes was somehow better. (Just to calculate, this was about 17 yrs ago and this sweater wasn't new when I came across it either! This sweatshirt is over 20 years old probably!!)

There are of course "The Untouchables", stuff that I've worn maybe once or twice, that have somehow failed to make friends with any other pieces of clothes and remained on the top shelves untouched for years. Like this little thing all the way from Italy:

That pile I'm donating to my favorite charity and oh look they have a blog too :) They're awesome! They take groups of volunteers down to Dominican Republic and build stuff, school rooms, little houses. And once basic construction is in place other larger organizations are able to place teachers and nurses there.

Well, someone sure is going to be stylin' in a Miss Sixty shirt over in DR. That's the only way I feel OK to part with such a piece! Hopefully no local bull will mistake them for a young cow... ehem..

This packing thing is harder then I thought!

Oh and remember how we were having a grand ol time the other day discussing the tragic lack of Target stores over in Europe?? Well, after reading it super Vito emailed me a link to what apparently IS the answer to Target in the Netherlands: "Where smart shopper buys". Not a very snazzy website but basically the same idea of good quality for low prices with stores in multiple locations. Yes I even found a 100% cotton tee at a comparable 4.99Euros.

See this is the difference between men and women, we just kinda like to discuss stuff and it doesn't mean that we are necessarily unhappy or see something as a problem. Men don't do that, if there is an "issue" they SOLVE it, otherwise there is NO issue and it's not worth discussing.

I guess that's how the Roman Empire got so HUGE and out of control. Cleopatra woke up one day on the wrong side of her bed, got pissy, told her man-toy Julius (Ceasar) that she wants to rule the entire world... and I guess that's what he tried to do (and got killed trying)... there you have it: the Roman Empire. I guess that's why they say "women should be seen and not heard" what we say apparently has very powerful effect on men. Well of course there is also the case of Hellen of Troy... she kept her mouth shut and her beauty alone STILL caused a WAR! Oopsie? My goodness girls we really must be careful!

Oh and speaking of gorgeous women, it's my friend's RiRi's Birthday today!!! Yey! (I italianized her name a bit, I mean Italians have GiGi? so why not RiRi?)


Me, russian??

>> Friday, March 23, 2007

Your Inner European is Russian!
Mysterious and exotic.You've got a great balance of danger and allure.

Hmmm... interesting... (I just can't stop taking these quizzes)

Well, I don't think I'm mysterious, but I'll take exotic and alluring!! ;) hehe

I tried to cheat and make myself sound Dutch... but even with extensive answer manipulation I went through all the possible nationalities, Italian, French.. etc before I finally got Dutch. Hmmm... interesting...

ps: Happy FRIDAY!!!


de culture shock!?

>> Thursday, March 22, 2007

My name is Alexandra and I shop at the kid section of Target.

What is it that they say? Culture shock resulting from moving to another country causes people to miss all kinds of things from their old country that they've never even used while they lived there... This phenomenon causes McDonald cravings and dreams of Twizzlers in people that never eat McDonald's and do not like artificial red chewy strings.


Well, I don't know about McDonald's, but what I will miss is Target! All kinds of nice quality, cute stuff under one roof for CHEAPski!

Take this t-shirt for example- 100% cotton, and only $5, that's FIVE dollars! Freakin' fabulous! Ok, it was in the kid section, but the XL fit me just fine! Tight where it should be, and not too long! In Europe it's either really nice expensive stuff, or really yucky cheap stuff (probably still remaining overstock from the former Soviet Union). Anyway, so I'll miss Target especially now that they're going all trendy on us...

I will however have lots of fashion to play with over in the Benelux. Firstly, Antwerp in Belgium has been making quite a name for itself in the fashion world. Check out what's going on with the graduates from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. Also, there is an expo in the Parliament building about their fashion history starting with the 6+ designers in 1986. And Amsterdam itself has been calmly making its own fashion headway since 2004 when they started their own International Fashion Week.

Yes I think I may just be able to survive without Target... maybe.

The REAL culture shock manifested itself when I walked out of Target and spent about 10 minutes looking for my CAR in the parking lot only to remember that I DON'T have it anymore!!!



>> Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I'm in LOVE!!!!!

Nokia 7373.

Tell me this phone is not ab-so-lute-ly gorgeous! TELL ME!!!


I'm a complete Mobile Communications addict. I am fixated with my blackberry, I must glance at it every so often, I must put my hand in my pocket to touch it... I get butterflies in my stomach when I hear the ever so familiar "Ringtone #6"... (Or "Ring #3 for text messages).

Vito knows all about my phone fixation. From the time he had to counsel me via email (before we even met) through the deep despair and disconnect I felt when I found myself on a vacation in Costa Rica with NO PHONE CONNECTION!!!! It really was like withdrawal, I felt shortness of breath, tightness in the chest, sense of panic... anyway, he talked me into "getting a grip" and enjoying the Playa, Sol y Palmeras... and the monkeys. Anyway, now he is looking up the different options to sign me up for a dutch phone when I get there so I don't get a panic attack and so I can "Call [him] every time I get completely lost" (his own words).

I can still use my blackberry with a new sim there, but look at it! It's pink! And KPN is giving it away for free with contract. ("Ladyphone" as they call it) I probably will just get a prepaid sim for now, since how many "I'm lost, come save me!" phone calls can I make really...!? But as I have more people to call etc, this beautiful pink Nokia will be MINE ALL MINE!!!!! precious.... muuuaahhaaaha!!!!

note to self: make lots of friends quick!!! :)


Less then 3 weeks till blast off...!!!

I personally think everyone around is freaking out more then me. Come on people, wasn't New York once New Amsterdam!? So in theory, if the Dutch kept New York, my move now would be like a move to California. Right?... in theory...

Anyway, the update is that the tickets have been bought already! Vito is flying to NY to collect me, how SUPER ROMANTIC!! No!? (Blush... and blush some more...)

I get to show him off to my Grandparents and my super nosey Staten Island neighbors!! Hehe Their usual greeting to me if they happen to see me across the street: "Oh! You're still here!??" What is it with Jews and Italians feeling it's their duty to teach everyone how to live? And besides, is there anything wrong with crashing on your parents' couch for a month or two? ...or 3?... or 2 years...? Absolutely nothing.


Blizzard for St. Paddy's day

>> Saturday, March 17, 2007

Yes, of course, when else should we get 5 inches of snow??

As I took this picture early in the morning, I was thinking... "Ufff, gotta go and dig out my car before my neighbors bury it under the snow from digging out their cars..." Then it hit me, I DON'T HAVE A CAR ANYMORE... Yep, left it at its new home somewhere in New Jersey just a few days ago... No more car...

My lil' brother Daniele asked me this morning "Where is your car??"

"Well, I had to sell it because I can't bring it to Netherlands..."

"WOW! You SOLD your car!??? You really ARE going!"
He's almost 8 and I'm almost 29... I know, pretty wild age difference. Personally, I believe he is the DIRECT result of me announcing to my parents my plan of studying abroad in Italy for a year. A few month after that, my parents announced that I'll be getting a little brother! Imagine!? Getting a brother after 21 years of being an only child. They were trying to replace me in case I decided to stay in Italy for ever and ever... Well, I did come back... And they were stuck with two "kids"! Hahaaaa... till now anyway. I guess they always kinda expected me to pull a desappearing stunt like that.

I'm so going to miss him, he is the funniest ever.

Yeah, kiss the car good-bye to... I probably will never own another car... Netherlands is so small you can walk across it. Once Vito and I went biking and "accidentally" biked too far ending up in BELGIUM!!!!! Can you believe it!? A little miscalculation and you end up in a whole new country! My red bad boy wouldn't even get up to its maximum RPMs and already be at some border or other...

buh-bye car, buh-bye


I decided to make sempre primavera (private) after the blog switch. So last chance to say bu-by to good ol SP. Another reason why is because I just love the name sempre primavera and I'm sooooo making t-shirts and selling them ALL OVER JAPAN. Japan - because all the ultra trendy stuff first happens in Japan.



>> Friday, March 16, 2007

It's almost SPRING and New York is under a blanket of sleet, ice and snow! What is this!???

They obviously didn't get my memo about keeping it Sunny All the Time! :)

So yes, welcome! And don't worry, Spring will start doing its magic soon. It's not called for nothing a time of change, new energy, perhaps new beginnings.. ;)

Well some of you know exactly what I'm talking about... but lets just go over it once again, shall we!?

How about a nice little MOVE TO ANOTHER COUNTRY!

Yeah! That sounds like fun, lets DO IT!

Ahhhh moving to Holland... sounds so far away and exotic doesn't it? Well, lets be honest now, as fun and adventurous as moving to another country is, I'm definitely not going to Holland because it's sunny all the time there. In fact, I heard rumors (via BBC weather) that it's actually a pretty rainy country...

But Holland has many other good qualities, great cheese! cute windmills! seas of Tulips (my favorite flowers)! But the main attraction is of course the greatest and most wonderful Vito... no he is not mentioned on Wikipedia, nor is he on display on tourism websites (thank goodness!!). Also, in spite of the italianissimo name, he is Dutch, not Italian, it's just everyone mentioned here will be assigned an Italian sounding name. Why? Because I said so.

Oh, an when am I moving exactly? In a couple of weeks-ish!!!

Anyway, the bottom line is, we're all going on a pretty exciting ride and no matter what it must be noted that:

"Sunny" is NOT a weather condition but a state of BEING!

...Kinda like my princess status actually. (But don't worry Maxima, your job is safe.)



Last minute...bubble bath indulgence!?

Thank you all for the emails! I will be sending out the new link next week :) Figured that the first day of Spring, March 21st would be appropriate! :))

I need a manicure, and a long bath with some lilac scented bubbles! Why... why not first of all, secondly, I've been running around town trying to finish up collecting all kinds of stamps and signatures so I can be legal when I go to Nicoland. Yeah, I could have probably got started on it even before Nico and I officially decided what the heck we're doing (because the decision for ME was made a long time ago.) Though, it would have been so strange to admit that I was doing this kind of legal research even BEFORE I met Nico in real life for the first time... hehe HEY! a gal should always be PREPARED :)))) - I mean they tell the guys to always be prepared, why shouldn't WE BE!? eeehehe (Yeah, THAT'S why there is NO NEED for him to know about this lil blog here now is there.)

Anyway we are getting off track.... where were we?? Oh yeah! My bubble bath with lilac scented bubbles... ahhhhh niiiiice


The switch

>> Tuesday, March 13, 2007

So here we are. I remember two years ago, as if it were yesterday, me standing outside of a UPS Store near Union Square during my lunch hour and talking on the phone with Cadiz. Well, YELLING would be more accurate since its a pretty bustling corner with passing by cars, loud NYU students and the regular hordes of lunch hour people ready to kill each other to win the race called 'who buys their lunch and gets back to their cubicle the fastest'. Anyway, there I was standing and yelling with Cadiz.

Ale: Something has GOT to change!!

Cadiz: Tell me about it girl, dungeon sucks!

Ale: Well, I'm supposedly in the center of the world right now, but I'll gladly switch with anyone anywhere.

Cadiz: you and your distaste of NYC...

Ale: I just CANNOT stand it!!

Cadiz: Well I know how you feel, I hate the dungeon... you know I've been thinking about starting a blog to bitch about it. Hey! YOU should start one to bitch about NY!

Ale: What the heck is a blog??! (come-on that was 2 yrs ago!)

(cadiz explains)

Ale: Hmm... writing about how much I hate NY would just be too easy, maybe I need to do one about how much I LOVE it.

Cadiz: haha! you're crazy!

Ale: Seriously, I can challenge myself to write everyday about something that completely pissed me off but turn it around by finding something beautiful about it. And maybe, this will help me to actually see NY in a good light... it's all about attitude.

Cadiz: oh, this I have got to see!

And so SemprePrimavera was started. "Spring Forever" to signify that if we want we can carry that spring time energy and the positivity all year long. Did it work? Yes in fact! In my efforts to change my perception of NY and to make myself like it, I found new friends, new appreciation of the city, actually went on dates.... basically really put myself in a good mood!

And you know what happens when you are in a good mood and think positively??? As the tagline above asks, "What exactly happens when you start believing that anything is possible?" Well now we can answer that: anything becomes possible!

I do confess to have "cheated" a bit, I did pray as well to get extra energy for all this positivity... but why not get some Devine help as well!?

Anyway to make the long story short, I'm shipping out to "Nicoland" next month! yeeeeha!

Its like that isn't it... once you let youself dream up all kinds of things... they start to happen... a month after I decided to just be positive... I found out work was sending me on a trip to Europe! Then, once let go of the idea that I'll never find the perfect guy, I started dating everyone and anyone letting even Grandma to set me up... I started concentrating on just having a good time and finding something good and positive in everyone... and then bam! comes Nico out of nowhere! Literally!!! That was just about a year after starting the blog and the "sempre primavera movement" :)

The reason I'm changing the blog is well, firstly, sempre primavera has served its purpose, we now know what spring time energy brings, now we'll need to work on everlasting sunshine? :) Fine, spring has taken the course, we are now moving into summer... we'll be discovering how to make it Sempre Sole! For which I already have a Memo to send out!

Secondly, Nico and a whole bunch of other people will now know about it. (Names will be changed again but you'll know who is who!) Since I'm not going to be revealing to them this blog, I figured I need to just start a brand new one! And this brings me to few ground rules if you want to play:

new blog "behavior protocol"

1. don't mention this blog, pretend we all just met ;)
2. it will be a lot more personal, with pictures and all... (GASP! I feel like a flasher)
3. don't talk about "ice cream" since my PARENTS will be reading it...
4. Oh and if you are planning to link my new blog, remove "sempreprimavera" from the links

waw... sounds like it'll be kinda BOOOORING! hahahaa, probably, it'll definitely be different... seriously, I told Nico I'll be starting a blog and he loved the idea saying he'll use the comment section to tell the "REAL" story...

So since it'll be more personal... I would prefer to receive a quick email from any of you that would like to follow the story. Even if you never ever commented (I see y'all on the statcounter) just drop me a line at alegolden78 at gmail dot com and I will email you back with the new blog address!! As simple as that!

I can't wait to just start the new one already! Since I keep messing around with the header picture and the longer it goes the more I keep messing with it!


>> Sunday, March 11, 2007

Something to play with... I saw it on Katerina's blog


Two years ago...

>> Thursday, March 8, 2007

Waw thanks to Cadiz I am just now remembering that the two year anniversary of this blog has JUST passed! Ahh... March 5th, 2005! The glorious beginning... The time of great expectations and aspirations!

This is probably a good time to announce that this blog will be coming to a close very very soon. Why? Hmm... maybe you can even guess... Yes, in fact I'm SURE you can guess!

I do have to say that, there will be a



the grand opening party should be happening at the end of this month. The preparations have been going on already and thanks to our very own Viking who designed it based on my vague description "make it cute, but not too cute, yellow but not too yellow, fun! but not too fun..." it will be ready for unvailing!

Hehehe... a bit of mysterious air is in order... so I shall talk up a storm of explanations later on...


Good times roll in Bean Town

>> Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Oh what a fun weekend I tell ya!

I drove into town, with just enough time to park at the economy lot of Logan airport (figured I'd leave the car there since parking in the city would be double!), run into the bathroom to check the hair, and attach myself sexyly to a wall and see Nico walk out of the sliding door. Actually, he caught me staring in disapproval at this couple making out in a disgusting fashion... only to find us do the same a minute later!!! hahaha! (We did at least walk off to the side a bit not just stand in the middle of other people coming out!)

Ahh Bean Town, what a joy of a town! Pretty and sweet like a cupcake!

Totally walkable, really! You can walk from the very beginning of Newburry st to the top of Little Italy in an hour or so. (note: it will take longer if you stop to have a beer on every corner.)

And you KNOW there will be plenty of pubs in a town with 68 colleges and universities! Isn't there some kind of national statistically derived ration of students to bars?

There was also a ton of place to do some serious shopping!

All that walking, drinking, and shopping will surely get you exhausted so a healthy dinner will be in order...

Trendiness is happening in all its glory all up and down Newburry street where "hip" wannabe's parade up and down. Now I say wannabe's because, there is something just which is just not happening for our Bostonites when it comes to fashion.

Fashion report:

  • Wearing all black is out! Has been out for a while!! And unless you're a New Yorker on Laundry day (at the Laundromat) do not wear an outfit that is all black!!
  • Square toe shoes are NOT in, and will NOT be in, ever! So just remove those carefully from your feet and back away. If you have matches and are outside in a designated area for barbecuing, please feel free to set fire to the removed items.
  • Cowboy boots, sorry to see them go, but they're gone!
  • All white suit is vulgar when worn in the winter. (Especially paired with square toed black boots.) Total ew!
  • Make-up: ladies please, crack that Vogue open!!! No brown lipstick!!! That was TEN years ago!!!! Actually more like FIFTEEN!
  • And guys, no its NOT cool to be wearing shorts and flipflops as you navigate through frozen puddles and patches of snow on the streets!!! Your frozen red chicken legs are NOT looking sexy!

On the other note: Sexy drinks with sexy views however touristy will never go out of style...

"Sophisticated comfort food" at Stephanies on Newburry really is VERY delicious!!! Don't even think about going there for brunch though. You'll be there waiting with the rest of Bean Town! For Lunch on any other day, is highly advisable.

We were there Monday and it was PACKED, but definitely a must at some point.

Very different inside too, fireplace, and a bit of an old world sitting room decor.

And here is a pick of a typical residential street in the poshness of Back Bay.


>> Thursday, March 1, 2007

Jetting of to Bean Town!

Y'all have a great weekend!! (I daydream about being a southern belle... is that wrong?)

I'm bringing with me one of my mom's newest creations, raisin bread. I'll feed it to Nico and maybe he'll get fat too! :)

Oh and if he will think I'm fat and the words of Sofia Loren won't work. I'll just say what Kate (Winslet) said: "I am not plus size, if you think I am that's just rediculous bullshit!"


PS: Happy MARCH!!!!! In the old country this would be considered the first day of Spring! Primavera is magic!!!

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