Blizzard for St. Paddy's day

>> Saturday, March 17, 2007

Yes, of course, when else should we get 5 inches of snow??

As I took this picture early in the morning, I was thinking... "Ufff, gotta go and dig out my car before my neighbors bury it under the snow from digging out their cars..." Then it hit me, I DON'T HAVE A CAR ANYMORE... Yep, left it at its new home somewhere in New Jersey just a few days ago... No more car...

My lil' brother Daniele asked me this morning "Where is your car??"

"Well, I had to sell it because I can't bring it to Netherlands..."

"WOW! You SOLD your car!??? You really ARE going!"
He's almost 8 and I'm almost 29... I know, pretty wild age difference. Personally, I believe he is the DIRECT result of me announcing to my parents my plan of studying abroad in Italy for a year. A few month after that, my parents announced that I'll be getting a little brother! Imagine!? Getting a brother after 21 years of being an only child. They were trying to replace me in case I decided to stay in Italy for ever and ever... Well, I did come back... And they were stuck with two "kids"! Hahaaaa... till now anyway. I guess they always kinda expected me to pull a desappearing stunt like that.

I'm so going to miss him, he is the funniest ever.

Yeah, kiss the car good-bye to... I probably will never own another car... Netherlands is so small you can walk across it. Once Vito and I went biking and "accidentally" biked too far ending up in BELGIUM!!!!! Can you believe it!? A little miscalculation and you end up in a whole new country! My red bad boy wouldn't even get up to its maximum RPMs and already be at some border or other...

buh-bye car, buh-bye


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