Less then 3 weeks till blast off...!!!

>> Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I personally think everyone around is freaking out more then me. Come on people, wasn't New York once New Amsterdam!? So in theory, if the Dutch kept New York, my move now would be like a move to California. Right?... in theory...

Anyway, the update is that the tickets have been bought already! Vito is flying to NY to collect me, how SUPER ROMANTIC!! No!? (Blush... and blush some more...)

I get to show him off to my Grandparents and my super nosey Staten Island neighbors!! Hehe Their usual greeting to me if they happen to see me across the street: "Oh! You're still here!??" What is it with Jews and Italians feeling it's their duty to teach everyone how to live? And besides, is there anything wrong with crashing on your parents' couch for a month or two? ...or 3?... or 2 years...? Absolutely nothing.


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