de culture shock!?

>> Thursday, March 22, 2007

My name is Alexandra and I shop at the kid section of Target.

What is it that they say? Culture shock resulting from moving to another country causes people to miss all kinds of things from their old country that they've never even used while they lived there... This phenomenon causes McDonald cravings and dreams of Twizzlers in people that never eat McDonald's and do not like artificial red chewy strings.


Well, I don't know about McDonald's, but what I will miss is Target! All kinds of nice quality, cute stuff under one roof for CHEAPski!

Take this t-shirt for example- 100% cotton, and only $5, that's FIVE dollars! Freakin' fabulous! Ok, it was in the kid section, but the XL fit me just fine! Tight where it should be, and not too long! In Europe it's either really nice expensive stuff, or really yucky cheap stuff (probably still remaining overstock from the former Soviet Union). Anyway, so I'll miss Target especially now that they're going all trendy on us...

I will however have lots of fashion to play with over in the Benelux. Firstly, Antwerp in Belgium has been making quite a name for itself in the fashion world. Check out what's going on with the graduates from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. Also, there is an expo in the Parliament building about their fashion history starting with the 6+ designers in 1986. And Amsterdam itself has been calmly making its own fashion headway since 2004 when they started their own International Fashion Week.

Yes I think I may just be able to survive without Target... maybe.

The REAL culture shock manifested itself when I walked out of Target and spent about 10 minutes looking for my CAR in the parking lot only to remember that I DON'T have it anymore!!!


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