>> Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I'm in LOVE!!!!!

Nokia 7373.

Tell me this phone is not ab-so-lute-ly gorgeous! TELL ME!!!


I'm a complete Mobile Communications addict. I am fixated with my blackberry, I must glance at it every so often, I must put my hand in my pocket to touch it... I get butterflies in my stomach when I hear the ever so familiar "Ringtone #6"... (Or "Ring #3 for text messages).

Vito knows all about my phone fixation. From the time he had to counsel me via email (before we even met) through the deep despair and disconnect I felt when I found myself on a vacation in Costa Rica with NO PHONE CONNECTION!!!! It really was like withdrawal, I felt shortness of breath, tightness in the chest, sense of panic... anyway, he talked me into "getting a grip" and enjoying the Playa, Sol y Palmeras... and the monkeys. Anyway, now he is looking up the different options to sign me up for a dutch phone when I get there so I don't get a panic attack and so I can "Call [him] every time I get completely lost" (his own words).

I can still use my blackberry with a new sim there, but look at it! It's pink! And KPN is giving it away for free with contract. ("Ladyphone" as they call it) I probably will just get a prepaid sim for now, since how many "I'm lost, come save me!" phone calls can I make really...!? But as I have more people to call etc, this beautiful pink Nokia will be MINE ALL MINE!!!!! ....my precious.... muuuaahhaaaha!!!!

note to self: make lots of friends quick!!! :)


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