March 26!

>> Monday, March 26, 2007

So RiRi's birthday was Saturday, her husband's birthday was actually on Sunday... and guess who is the birthday girl TODAY!???


To be perfectly honest, this year I came really close to forgetting my own birthday... There is just way too much excitement and commotion that is going on due to moving that if it weren't for my blackberry beeping at me with birthday alarms for the other March babies, I'd totally forget my own.

I'm not big on making a huge deal out of my birthday but there have definitely been some memorable moments!

Well my 21st B-day was unforgettable and at the same time "hard to remember"! RiRi and I had a joint celebration since we went to the same university. Great fun, a big party with all our friends there... what I don't remember is how her and I ended up in the shower (fully dressed) at the end of the night!

My 22nd B-day was not as rambunctious but nevertheless glamorous. I was studying abroad in Florence and a whole bunch of us went out to my favorite place, Maracana. It was a pizzeria turn samba dancing place. Had a pizza Napoletana... ;)

My 23rd B-day also involved a pizza in Italy ;) This time, quatro staggioni IN Naples.

Anyway fast forward to another B-day full of sharp sensations... last year on my 28th B-day I opened my mailbox and saw a little pack... it was from Netherlands!!! A few month's before I started exchanging some emails with a co-worker from my company's Dutch office (whom I've never met in real life). Some shared stories of travels, pictures of our coastlines and empty liquor bottles, and boom we became friends! The pack had two CD's of a famous Dutch group (in Dutch) and as I listened to it in the car on the way to work I couldn't help but to be very curious about this new friend... (hehe).


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