>> Friday, March 30, 2007

OMG! I'm so excited I just had a phone testing session with a language school in Amsterdam. They said, based on the written part I need to stop playing myself thinking I'm a beginner and just go straight into the intermediate level. (!!!)

Of course as I sent in my written test, I left them Vito's telephone number and when the lady called with the news, Vito told HER to stop playing because I can't even order a beer correctly. (If I say: I want more right now! It is not because I can't speak Dutch, it's just because I can't stop speaking NYC.)

Anyway, because they were so impressed with me they're going to send a limo to pick me up to take me to class!!!! At least that's what I think she said in Dutch.... what does "U gaat jong meisje zweten!" mean?


Happy vrijdag!


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