To bring or not to bring...? (Volume 2)

>> Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Yes, more dilemmas as to what to bring or what not to bring. So to help me decide, today we are going to play a very very exciting game called:

BRING IT! or LEAVE IT! ("recorded" cheers from the live studio audience please)

Today's contestant is....... DUCKY!!!!

A bit about ducky:

He is fabulous, fuzzy, pink, and he QUACKS! Kinda like Donald Duck!

He loves to travel, good food and relaxation.

Even though he is a bird he doesn't actually fly, unless his seat belt is fastened and he did not forget his Italian Dance Compilation CD!

He loves to sleep on 800 thread count sheets in the very best hotels. Yes he is a bit snobby, but its because he knows he is one of a kind...

(Accompanying photos were taken while on a Bachelorette trip for my friend Bernadetta to the lovely Santa Barbara, California) Ducky was the only "boy" among 10 girls!

Seems logical to bring him, but at the same time, will there be room for Ducky in my new fabulous life in the Netherlands?? (Not to mention... will I have room in my luggage?)

I mean, I will be mature and grown up and will not have time for duck games..?

Help me DECIDE!!! do I BRING IT? or do I LEAVE IT?

Should Ducky come to Netherlands with me?
Bring it! He is pink and fab!!
Leave it! You got Vito now! free polls


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