>> Friday, September 29, 2006

First of all. THANK goodness its FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Secondly, my super secret new blog layout is COMPLETE! Do you know who translated my vision into reality...? The mighty Viking!!! I looked through so many "blogskins" and templates... but non of them were right. Its hard to choose when you already have exactly what you want in mind. I wanted something very clean looking, yet still have details that would bring out the new theme. It probably would have been useful for mr. Viking if I actually TOLD him the vision though... but that's OK since he just READ my MIND!!! That's truly amazing! Seriously, that should go in your resume under "Remarks".

BUT. I have not decided yet when I will switch over. It will be a brand new concept and I'm contemplating having links with pictures and all... PLUS Nico will actually know about it... which is better, cus I'd want to talk more about him (maybe) and I don't feel correct doing so if he doesn't know about it. I feel if I'm going to talk about someone, they should know about it and utilize the comments section if necessary for any smartass come backs. You know!? Any friend that I talk about on this blog has the address, so fair is fair.

So perhaps sometime very soon I'll do the switch... we shall seeeee...... ;)


...oh no you d'int!!!!!

>> Thursday, September 28, 2006


Nico has been revealing to me some of the stuff that we are going to be doing... sounds like so much fun!!!! He knows he has to tell me what we are doing so I can put together an appropriate wardrobe ;) Don't you love a considerate, sensitive man!? (hehe)

Oh speaking of which, yeah, and I'll be meeting all his friends. Like all of them... like at the SAME TIME!!!

Nico: ...you're not feeling any pressure are you??
Ale: who me? Oh NOOOO... no problem, you know I enjoy being the center of attention anyway!
Nico: amm.. who said they'll be giving you any attention?
Ale: ..............................................ok, are you TRYING to make me feel the pressure???????!!!!!!!!

Ok, so I've been cranking up on my language lessons so that I can know what trash talk is going on about me! Hmmm... though... unless they are talking about ordering a coffee at the cafe, or discussing how to buy a train ticket... I'll be pretty much lost....


What part of "NOW don't you understand??

>> Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Yeah yea yea...

Ok, so yes I am a total snob. I should explain that the reason I was getting all frustrated about shopping is because I hate stores/malls with tons of people around. I would LOVE to be able to shop in an empty mall!! This is partly due to my complete aversion to UGLY people, and partly because I function on New York City time which requires you to move, talk, walk, shop... with fast choppy movements, which is extremely difficult when you have UGLY PEOPLE walking at ELEPHANT SPEED IN FRONT OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (breathe...1,2,3...breathe...1,2,3..)

This makes me SO MAD that my Shimery Tea Rose Petal nailpolish starts to PEEL OF MY TOES!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes I realize that I'm the problem since I can't relax and shop at a normally accepted speed but since I am the BELLY-BUTTON of the universe this negates the fact that I can be doing anything wrong... So yeah back to ugly people in my way...

Yeah, I was SO FRUSTRATED that I HAD to drag WallStr (who is as big of a Diva-snob-bellybutton-chick as I am) to the nearest BAR, at a VERY New York City speed and order two HUGE bloodymary's to be inhaled immediately!!! Well as soon as the Bar girl decided to move her A$$ and bring it to us!!!!!!!! Which required me to prompt her to do so a few times... Gosh! and we were simply in New Jersey, close enough to New York, but apparently too far for them to comprehend the concept of "I want my drink NOW!"

Oh, yeah, don't even get me started on the sad use of space that is called New Jersey... Lets talk ROADS! If you've ever driven through New Jersey, you can agree that the ONLY CLEAR SIGN you're going to SEE would HAVE TO COME FROM the ABOVE!!!! Of course we got lost the moment we crossed the bridge. Upon asking people in cars while stopped at a red light, all we got are sympathetic smiles and eyes reverting to the sky as if to say: "You want to get to the mall... well how religious ARE YOU???" Religious!? "Yes, apparently that's the only way you'll see the signs..." Yeah, "beacon of Light" takes on a LITERAL meaning when driving in New Jersey.

I just remember the malls in Irvine, California... Huge, EMPTY, beautiful!! With fountains... and statues of golden angels.... heaven!!!

Oh, just to report, the drinks helped a lot! Nice feeling when you're head and legs go numb...
Oh and eyesight is blurred so you can't see ugly people...

PS kids: drinking to make your problems go away is NOT good! You must FACE your problems then realize the only way to eliminate them is to go to heaven... ok, or Irvine, California.


>> Monday, September 25, 2006

What can I say, I miss the summertime already!!! I don't understand this "in between" weather. I want either hot so I can go to the beach, or give me cold, so I can wear my new outfits! Ok, I'm impatient. In a second when the weather will turn completely nasty, I'll really start to complain.


>> Saturday, September 23, 2006

So I was continuing to think about what should the look of the blog be and I came to a conclusion that I think I might be ready for a whole new BLOG!!! SemprePrimavera way of thinking has really instated itself as a reality so perhaps its time to introduce a whole new concept!?

Don't worry! The force feeding of positivity will continue SEMPRE! We just might kick it up a notch!? You know take it to the next level. Hmm.... must think about that one... Primavera, or Spring really signifies a beginning, a dawn, new energy, however for it to continue having the newness it has to be sustained by certain factors... we can't be stuck in "the beginning" without moving forward. And after all Spring Forever doesn't mean that everything has to feel like a new beginning all the time, just the ENERGY of a new beginning should stay through out. So... I'm thinking what is this thing exactly thats going to keep us chirping sempre, sempre, like happy little birdies on the window sill...

Weekend forecast:

It doesn't matter!

Because Wallstr and I are going to brave whatever elements necessary and go out into the world to indulge and have fun!!!! (As far as we know it doesn't rain inside a mall!... well... unless its an open air mall... oh whatever!)

I suggest you do the same!
1.. 2.... 3.... go!!!



>> Thursday, September 21, 2006

I'm getting rather bored with the look of this blog. I want new lay out, new colors...! I've been browsing around looking at different blog templates and of course there are TONS out there but not one in particular caught my eye! Lots of them are beautiful, but I haven't seen one that really looked like mine...

But I realized that probably the main problem why I can't seem to choose, is because I don't think I'm sure what exactly I'm trying to go for.

On the upside I'm glad blogger is giving us the ability to categorize posts! I was just thinking the other day of how nice it would be to put Nico in his very own file! :) He deserves his own file don't you think!? Though I do need to diversify a bit, lately I think all I've been talking about is him... Hey, its just when I "focus", I really focus. And like a bulldog's jaw which locks after biting-down, so am I totally locked on the issue.

I haven't mentioned my matchmaking grandma in a while. She is still at it! Every time I see her she gets the concerned look on her face and practially begs/threatens/reasons/commands me to accept a date with one of her set up boys. (She doesn't know about Nico). Hey, she is old, I don't want to talk till there is really something to concrete to tell. I'm afraid the suspense and the thrill of such international ordeal, while fun for me, would not be very fun for her. And I'm not helping matters when I tell her that she should just hope that sky will open up and spit a guy down to me. Haaaha, I'm a bad grand daughter. Nah! I got them some red bean ice cream last weekend so I'm ok!


There are free drinks at Gallery openings!

>> Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I'm not big on cultural, educational stuff. I drink before going to a museum... (and during). I think its because I've gotten too much culture and museums when I was little when my parents took me out everysingle weekend to some kind of exposition. And I used to LOVE IT! I would read the inscription underneath every single rock, half-rock and rusty nail! And now days, I cross the street when I see a museum. I don't know why, but I think it just plays into my theory that people get dumber as they grow up. I think I've mentioned it before, but can't help to say again, in my almost year of residing in Italy, I successfully did NOT go to any museums, nor did I make time for the Sistine chapel in the 50+ odd times I've been to Rome. I know, DISGRACEFUL! Kids, don't be like me in this case.

Anyway, I took pains to go do something cultural last week and Dulce and Wallstr and I made it to a gallery to see some photography.

This was my absolute favorite. I could just stare at it for hours. The other photographs in the series are majestic as well. I went to the original gallery website www.galerie-poller.com that shows all of them. I was not impressed with the space that was dedicated for it in NYC. Such gorgeous work should not be displayed in tiny maze like corridors with poor lighting. Obviously just my feeble unprofessional opinion.

Here is the back story (full story on the website)...

"The viewer is surrounded by photographs of pine trees found at an ancient grave site near Kyong-Ju (Kyung-Ju, Gyeongju) taken from the central vantage point at which the viewer stands.

Kyong-Ju is located in the southeastern part of Korea about 60 km north of Pusan. It was the old capital city of the Shilla dynasty during more than 1,000 years from BC 57 to AD 992. A lot of historic monuments, especially numerous Siberian styled tombs, are scattered throughout the city.

The achievements of the Shilla people and their devotion to Buddha are evident in the stone images carved on cliff walls and the other stone monuments found throughout the area. It was appointed by UNESCO in 1995 as one of the world historic cultural heritage places. Currently, the population of Kyong-Ju is around 150,000, but in ancient times after Shilla dynasty unified Korea in AD 668, the population was estimated about 800,000, which was one of the most thriving cities of the world. Around that time, the city was the door of Korea to the world."

Yeah, that's why cultural/educational experiences are so depressing, like opening a can of worms. You can't just learn about ONE thing, all these OTHER things you should know about come up!!! Mommy, why didn't you ever tell me about the Shilla dynasty?! (When in doubt always blame the parents).


>> Monday, September 18, 2006

Ohhh help me someone!!!! I hate Mondays!!! What's worse is that I start hating them Sunday night!!! Beeeh

On another note Nico and I were having a chat today:

Nico: I'm not treating you like a Queen this time...
Ale: Yes YOU ARE!!! Wheeeeheeee!!!!
Nico: No, I'm not! Seriously! I already treated you that way, the first time you came here!
Ale: Whatever, you so ARE treating me like a Queen, you know it! Stop fighting it. Yey!!! Spoil me spoil me!!!


Ale's yummy lunch

>> Friday, September 15, 2006

In the honor of all good and yummy and all the education that I have received from the one and only original monzyummylunch! I bring you my very own yummy lunch!!! Oh the crispness of the bacon in the chicken BLT wrap was simply perfect, and the tomatoes... and the many mustard packets I've infused it with... was just AWESOME! Yeeeeaaah!

For those of you that always look for DEEPER meaning in my posts... there is one here as well! Do you see that big thing on my arm! Guess who gave it to me!!!!??? I so love it! And its cotton candy pink color!! I was actually concerned since it so happens I loose jewelry pieces all the time. I have lost every single piece that any guy has ever given me. Then I thought, its so HUGE! How can I lose it!!! :)

Oh pst... check out the NEW COUNTER ON THE BOTTOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ciao Bella!

>> Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Waaahhhw! Have any of you seen anything more beautiful then her!????? And what rocks is that she has a TWIN SISTER!!!! Ohhhh mamma mia!!!

Yes people they're mine, all mine!!!! My precious......!!!

Ok, enough idolatry and praising of the Mamona, lets talk about something else.

Its really getting cooler and cooler here. I'm still resisting the arrival of Fall and am still planning on going to the beach this weekend! Aha, yes I am!

But what the heck, never to early to make plans for having fun! This fall on the agenda I'd like to make time for Apple Picking, Wine Tasting, but its not all about food, there is also hiking, rappelling!!! WallStr are you hearing me!? My friend WallStr is the one that throws herself of planes (with parachute) and does all kinds of outdoorsy rocky thingies.

I'd also like to get on a BIKE please. As I told Nico that next time I'm over in his neck of the woods I'd like to go for a scenic bike ride. Amm... yeah, so I need to make sure I remember HOW to bike ride! And don't tell me once you know how to bike ride you never forget, whatever, when I was little I rode my little red bike (funny... now I have a red car) everywhere, but about 10 yrs ago I got on a bike and crashed within minutes, yeah, I squeezed the wrong break (the front one).

Lesson kids: sheer ambition alone, is not enough to get your bike up a hill, you gotta paddle and keep that tush off the saddle!


Mangia mangia!!!

>> Sunday, September 10, 2006

My parents are awesome! They really are, but sometimes, like the times they're in public, they can act a bit... strange... Well, I didn't want any accidental mishaps during Nico's visit, so I preped my parents on some basic do's and dont's. Simple things like: pretend I'm super great and wonderful and you like me, don't make fun of me in front of him, don't make fun of him, don't make fun of each other. You may make fun of the neighbors cus that's appropriate. Anything you say must be in some way directly or indirectly complementary to me. When in doubt just smile. I told them to remember that I was going for the nice and wonderful girl thing and they should blend into the image of the parents of the wonderful and nice girl. They said it was obvious and that they would "behave" and I should not be so worried. I said, "no, YOU should be worried, if you want me out of your house, like anytime EVER, you best behave!" (Thunder in the background...)

Well, when Nico and I walked through the door, I immediately breathed easy. The table was set up gorgeously and my parents were smiling and easy going. I kept looking around to see where these clones stashed the real mom and dad. They even complemented me on my outfit. (Instead of the usual: that's kinda slutty... or that's not slutty enough...) They were excellent! Well, almost...

dad: So Nico, how many nuclear reactors do you guys have in your country?
Nico: ....Three
dad: ahamm... and where do you guys dispose of the nuclear waste?
Nico: ....you know, I'm not exactly sure... I believe we ship it to our neighboring countries...? and why do you ask?
dad: oh, no reason... just curious.

after about 10 courses of food...

mom: Nico! would you like some capuccino ice cream?? Yes you would! Of course!! I will give you some! Here you go! Oh, it's not enough, here is some more! Eat, eat!! And do you like whipped cream? Yes you do! I will at some to your coffee!

Needless to say we did not have any dinner, OR breakfast the next morning...


>> Saturday, September 9, 2006

Yes the sun DID come out!!!!

The night before coming back from going out having drunk many alcoholic beverages the varying kinds, we failed to notice that the wind has completely died down and the ocean was still. The storm just passed on to other fun things I guess.

Sunday the entire island made a mad dash to the beach! We were there all day making fun of kids, dogs, fake boobs, skinny lifeguard boys, etc..etc..etc..etc..etc...

For some reason there were signs everywhere saying that no food or drinks were allowed on the beach, so when we got hungry, we totally didn't walk over to get delicious crab wraps with lettice and tomato, nor did we walk back onto the beach with obvious "Thank You" grocery bags. We didn't proceed to sit down, we didn't comment on how crunchy the celery was. Then we didn't drink delicious and refreshing snapple ice tea, raspberry and lemon. We so didn't!

Anyway I think I'm beginning to really understand what romance is. Its not about what you do exactly, but who you do it with. If you really like someone everything seems like out of a movie...

(barrrrffff) - yes you may! :)

Ok I'm going to interrupt the sloppy love story and etc, to comment on how ANNOYING the Fashion Week non sense is. I'm a block away from Bryant Park where the Olympus Fashion Week is going on, it is impossible to walk!!!! All them models and celebrities keep getting in the freakin way! TRES annoying! Some skinny annoying girls had the BALLS to stop me and offer me a free make over in some pink trailer thing of theirs. I was like... "Have you SEEN me!? Are you even looking at it!???" Gesturing wildly around my face. "Does it look like I NEED a make over!? HUUUH!????" I think they pied their pink pants.

Too tired... and I still have the 'meeting the parents' "episode" to describe... tomorrow I guess...

Have a great weekend!


Ahhh La Dolce Vita!

>> Thursday, September 7, 2006

So it all started with a dramatic "run towards" each other in the Arrivals Hall.... Well, he was more like walking, and I was more like gliding since the SUPER high heels I was wearing did not really permit any other kinds of movements. My sweet darling BCBGs, I still remember the day I brought them home... Anyway, after that we headed directly to dinner since we had exactly 25 minutes to get there before the kitchen closed! We made it! Then realized no one was actually hungry...

Next day headed to Isla del Fuego. It was a bit dreary, but still warm and a bit humid. There is just something sexy about a brewing storm, all that energy in the air that you can almost taste. It was so nice to sit there with his arm around me... ...pause... (Yes, that was a specially designed pause to allow for involuntary gagging.) Don't worry, we did not look like a vulgar grouping couple, it was a bit windy and I was wearing the shortest skirt known to man, so the arm around me was seasonally appropriate indeed!

Seriously ladies, the right man is SUCH a wonderful accessory its unbelievable. Funny, men think that women are something to carry on the arm, when in fact, its THEM that are being worn around the shoulder, instead of nice shawls... Ahhhh... some things just work out so well!

Check out the wild beasts that roam the island... well besides Nico and I! Haaaa-ha...ha?

That evening we had dinner at this awesome seafood place, it stands right on the water and has a little pier for docking your boat while you eat. (Posh no!?) Well, needless to say with the rolling in storm there were no cute little boats docking... As we progressed with our delicious dinners... the only way to describe what was happening is to do an excerpt from our conversation...

Ale: (bedroom eyes) Hmmm... I wonder how long it will take for the waves to carry us off into the ocean..?

Nico: No, don't worry! The thin plastic covering that's separating us from the crashing waves seems to be working very well! (bedroom eyes) More wine?

Saturday was spent in much the same fashion. The picture above is what the beach looked like on Friday, and on Saturday the water basically engulfed the entire sandy part!!

...to be continued...

Still some questions to answer... Will Nico and Ale really be washed into the ocean? Will they have a yummy lunch?? What beer choices will be made by the diverse international couple on one rainy afternoon...? Will the sun EVER COME OUT????

over and out for now captain!


>> Wednesday, September 6, 2006

It was amazing!!! What am I saying...!??? It was - SUPER AMAZING!!!

I'll be back tomorrow with a few pics, of the rain, strorm, Bambi and mother... etc... !

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