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>> Sunday, September 10, 2006

My parents are awesome! They really are, but sometimes, like the times they're in public, they can act a bit... strange... Well, I didn't want any accidental mishaps during Nico's visit, so I preped my parents on some basic do's and dont's. Simple things like: pretend I'm super great and wonderful and you like me, don't make fun of me in front of him, don't make fun of him, don't make fun of each other. You may make fun of the neighbors cus that's appropriate. Anything you say must be in some way directly or indirectly complementary to me. When in doubt just smile. I told them to remember that I was going for the nice and wonderful girl thing and they should blend into the image of the parents of the wonderful and nice girl. They said it was obvious and that they would "behave" and I should not be so worried. I said, "no, YOU should be worried, if you want me out of your house, like anytime EVER, you best behave!" (Thunder in the background...)

Well, when Nico and I walked through the door, I immediately breathed easy. The table was set up gorgeously and my parents were smiling and easy going. I kept looking around to see where these clones stashed the real mom and dad. They even complemented me on my outfit. (Instead of the usual: that's kinda slutty... or that's not slutty enough...) They were excellent! Well, almost...

dad: So Nico, how many nuclear reactors do you guys have in your country?
Nico: ....Three
dad: ahamm... and where do you guys dispose of the nuclear waste?
Nico: know, I'm not exactly sure... I believe we ship it to our neighboring countries...? and why do you ask?
dad: oh, no reason... just curious.

after about 10 courses of food...

mom: Nico! would you like some capuccino ice cream?? Yes you would! Of course!! I will give you some! Here you go! Oh, it's not enough, here is some more! Eat, eat!! And do you like whipped cream? Yes you do! I will at some to your coffee!

Needless to say we did not have any dinner, OR breakfast the next morning...


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