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>> Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Waaahhhw! Have any of you seen anything more beautiful then her!????? And what rocks is that she has a TWIN SISTER!!!! Ohhhh mamma mia!!!

Yes people they're mine, all mine!!!! My precious......!!!

Ok, enough idolatry and praising of the Mamona, lets talk about something else.

Its really getting cooler and cooler here. I'm still resisting the arrival of Fall and am still planning on going to the beach this weekend! Aha, yes I am!

But what the heck, never to early to make plans for having fun! This fall on the agenda I'd like to make time for Apple Picking, Wine Tasting, but its not all about food, there is also hiking, rappelling!!! WallStr are you hearing me!? My friend WallStr is the one that throws herself of planes (with parachute) and does all kinds of outdoorsy rocky thingies.

I'd also like to get on a BIKE please. As I told Nico that next time I'm over in his neck of the woods I'd like to go for a scenic bike ride. Amm... yeah, so I need to make sure I remember HOW to bike ride! And don't tell me once you know how to bike ride you never forget, whatever, when I was little I rode my little red bike (funny... now I have a red car) everywhere, but about 10 yrs ago I got on a bike and crashed within minutes, yeah, I squeezed the wrong break (the front one).

Lesson kids: sheer ambition alone, is not enough to get your bike up a hill, you gotta paddle and keep that tush off the saddle!


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