Ale's yummy lunch

>> Friday, September 15, 2006

In the honor of all good and yummy and all the education that I have received from the one and only original monzyummylunch! I bring you my very own yummy lunch!!! Oh the crispness of the bacon in the chicken BLT wrap was simply perfect, and the tomatoes... and the many mustard packets I've infused it with... was just AWESOME! Yeeeeaaah!

For those of you that always look for DEEPER meaning in my posts... there is one here as well! Do you see that big thing on my arm! Guess who gave it to me!!!!??? I so love it! And its cotton candy pink color!! I was actually concerned since it so happens I loose jewelry pieces all the time. I have lost every single piece that any guy has ever given me. Then I thought, its so HUGE! How can I lose it!!! :)

Oh pst... check out the NEW COUNTER ON THE BOTTOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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