>> Thursday, September 21, 2006

I'm getting rather bored with the look of this blog. I want new lay out, new colors...! I've been browsing around looking at different blog templates and of course there are TONS out there but not one in particular caught my eye! Lots of them are beautiful, but I haven't seen one that really looked like mine...

But I realized that probably the main problem why I can't seem to choose, is because I don't think I'm sure what exactly I'm trying to go for.

On the upside I'm glad blogger is giving us the ability to categorize posts! I was just thinking the other day of how nice it would be to put Nico in his very own file! :) He deserves his own file don't you think!? Though I do need to diversify a bit, lately I think all I've been talking about is him... Hey, its just when I "focus", I really focus. And like a bulldog's jaw which locks after biting-down, so am I totally locked on the issue.

I haven't mentioned my matchmaking grandma in a while. She is still at it! Every time I see her she gets the concerned look on her face and practially begs/threatens/reasons/commands me to accept a date with one of her set up boys. (She doesn't know about Nico). Hey, she is old, I don't want to talk till there is really something to concrete to tell. I'm afraid the suspense and the thrill of such international ordeal, while fun for me, would not be very fun for her. And I'm not helping matters when I tell her that she should just hope that sky will open up and spit a guy down to me. Haaaha, I'm a bad grand daughter. Nah! I got them some red bean ice cream last weekend so I'm ok!


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