>> Friday, September 29, 2006

First of all. THANK goodness its FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Secondly, my super secret new blog layout is COMPLETE! Do you know who translated my vision into reality...? The mighty Viking!!! I looked through so many "blogskins" and templates... but non of them were right. Its hard to choose when you already have exactly what you want in mind. I wanted something very clean looking, yet still have details that would bring out the new theme. It probably would have been useful for mr. Viking if I actually TOLD him the vision though... but that's OK since he just READ my MIND!!! That's truly amazing! Seriously, that should go in your resume under "Remarks".

BUT. I have not decided yet when I will switch over. It will be a brand new concept and I'm contemplating having links with pictures and all... PLUS Nico will actually know about it... which is better, cus I'd want to talk more about him (maybe) and I don't feel correct doing so if he doesn't know about it. I feel if I'm going to talk about someone, they should know about it and utilize the comments section if necessary for any smartass come backs. You know!? Any friend that I talk about on this blog has the address, so fair is fair.

So perhaps sometime very soon I'll do the switch... we shall seeeee...... ;)


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