>> Saturday, September 23, 2006

So I was continuing to think about what should the look of the blog be and I came to a conclusion that I think I might be ready for a whole new BLOG!!! SemprePrimavera way of thinking has really instated itself as a reality so perhaps its time to introduce a whole new concept!?

Don't worry! The force feeding of positivity will continue SEMPRE! We just might kick it up a notch!? You know take it to the next level. Hmm.... must think about that one... Primavera, or Spring really signifies a beginning, a dawn, new energy, however for it to continue having the newness it has to be sustained by certain factors... we can't be stuck in "the beginning" without moving forward. And after all Spring Forever doesn't mean that everything has to feel like a new beginning all the time, just the ENERGY of a new beginning should stay through out. So... I'm thinking what is this thing exactly thats going to keep us chirping sempre, sempre, like happy little birdies on the window sill...

Weekend forecast:

It doesn't matter!

Because Wallstr and I are going to brave whatever elements necessary and go out into the world to indulge and have fun!!!! (As far as we know it doesn't rain inside a mall!... well... unless its an open air mall... oh whatever!)

I suggest you do the same!
1.. 2.... 3.... go!!!


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