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>> Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Last night we heard the fist thunder of the season here in Amsterdam!  Spring is really on the way.  What does this mean to the good citizens (and residents) of Holland?  It means sitting outside the cafes on the terraces and drinking their beverage of choice while commenting on how good the sun rays feel agains the skin. 
Global warming also reared it's ugly head and after the thunder there came a bit of sleet.
I still have not decided which direction to take the blog, which I'm sure is making you all extremely sad and disoriented.  It's ok.  You need to learn self sufficiency at some point.


looming doome...continued

>> Monday, March 2, 2009

Big Vito and I were in NY last week visiting the family.  It was extremely lovely!  We received TONS of love from all of my family members, the chosen format was food.  Ahhhhh love is YUMMY!
We also took a chance to do some quicky shopping though the dollar is not that weak against the euro anymore... (or at least it wasn't last week?).
Maybe it was my imagination but the 'vibe' on the 'street' was sort of blue.  Everyone seemed to be sedated in a way.  Even walking up Broadway in SOHO which is usually stacked with slightly crazed people shopping, seemed desolate!  It was scary.  I'm sorry, if people can't afford Zara, then what's next?  Wearing a TRASH BAG???
If this ain't the signs of the 'end of days' then I don't know what is!

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