Corner View - Feet

>> Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sorry to do this, but we're going back to the archives...!  This post has been written literally a few days after my ARRIVAL to the Netherlands.  I'm trying to reaffirm my right decision of leaving the US to come be with this Dutch man... based on examining our... shoes!  Deciding that if our shoes make a perfect pair (quartete?) then surely we do to.  Hmm... yeah, this reminds me to make an appointment with my hair salon,  my blonde highlights need to be refreshed, because I can't seriously talk like this and not be a Blonde.  :-P

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>> Monday, March 11, 2013

I was so sick the whole weekend!  It was some kind of CRAZY allergy with violent sneezing and equally violent runny nose.  Behh.  Every time I would sneeze, Jr. would follow it up with: "Mama appchu!".  Yes, thanks for narrating sweetie.

Glad however that I got sick starting Saturday because on Friday night we had a sexy dinner planned at a nearby mansion for restaurant week.


Corner View: Hands

>> Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My grandpa and grandma's hands.

When I saw today's corner view topic I immediately remembered this picture.  My grandpa has darker, tough manly hands that have managed construction projects on many famous monuments in Kiev.  My grandma's hands were soft with almost translucent skin.  (She passed away a few years ago.)  There was also a secret to my grandma's hands, they were magical.  No really.  She could place her hand on your forehead and your headache would go away.  She literally could heal with her hands.  Later in life when she lived in NY, it was medically confirmed that my grandma's hands had a very high biosphere, or energy field.

The whole family was of course very excited to hear such confirmation by medical doctors of something that we all knew about grandma.  We asked if that's something one is born with...  something divine.  Doctor  was equally puzzled.  And indeed it's a good question.  Was my grandma really born with a heightened energy field or did it grow overtime because all her life she laid hands on people really wanting and wishing that their pains would go away?  To me of course my grandma always has been and will be remembered as completely magical!

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Get your sunblock out! and put cotton balls in your ears...

>> Tuesday, March 5, 2013

This is really a pattern... (no pictures in my blog posts).  It's ok, we're all grown ups, we can read also ;)
So today was 16C!!!!  That's SPRING people!

Now let's get into a time machine and travel back in time to March 2005.  This was the month I started blogging (thanks to my buddy in crime Cadiz!) Here is my first post EVER and also an explanation why Spring is "the best ever!!!" in the words of my 27 year old self.

In case you're wondering... no  I don't have any fresh thoughts to shed on the topic...  Well I guess I do.  Getting older made me realize that it's OK not have 'crazy energy', and it's OK not to be working towards something UNBELIEVABLY amazing...  It's OK to just lead quite life and enjoy little things...

Baaaaahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!   Boy did I get you or what!?!?!!!!!!!!    AAAAhahahhaah!!!! 
NO OF COURSE NOT!!! NO it's NOT ok to just sit there.   You must go after crazy exciting new wonderful things!  Yes, you can and should be content with all the beautiful little things (and big) in your life, but you should never put your 'hands down' and say "oh well, I didn't accomplish this and that, and I guess it's OK..."  NOOOOOoooooOOOO  GET off those sweet butt cheeks and do whatever it is you WANT!  Make your family raise an eye brow, surprise YOURSELF even.  

Yeah... I'm not grown-up yet.  I really have not matured what so ever.... Maybe in 2 weeks when I turn the big 35....  Maybe when I'm (hopefully a Grandma)... Then again.......  I DON'T THINK SOOOOOOOOO!


Five is good for today.

>> Saturday, March 2, 2013

Sorry no picture in a post second time in a row!  I know, I hate it too when posts have no pictures.  But I'm lazy ok!?  Yes I know it's vulgar to be lazy at my adult age, and even more vulgar to admit it publicly without a smidgen of shame.  Eh whatever.

Anyway, few days ago this one person told me that when her son just turned 2 he was able to count to FIVE!!!!!!!!!

I was so proud that Jr.can count to 2 and now I get to hear THIS!   So guess what I did last few days?  We counted EVERYTHING over and over again, toes, fingers, eyeballs,  duckies, banana pieces, everything.  While on a walk today Jr. counted the wheels on the truck... all the way up to FIVE!  (Well there were ten in all, but on the visible side there were five.)

So there!  Letting the child go at their  own pace?  Whatever.  Mommy needs to WIN, to WIN you hear me!  I'm not crazy I promise.

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