My Amazing Bike Race... (This episode: The Beach)

>> Monday, April 30, 2007

So HERE he is!!!! Isn't he so nice!!!! (Yes my bike is so beyond being called "it")

I have not biked since I was 8 when I had a little red bike with streamers. I got on a bike once when I was 14 went down the road for 5 seconds then squeezed the wrong hand break and did a somersault in the air (Scratching the entire side of my arm and leg). When I was 23, I got on a bike in Los Angeles and we calmly rode along the beach on a well marked designated path so that experience was ok.

Then last October I was on a bike in Maastricht which was scary but ok because most of the way there was not a person in sight! Later I got on an extra bike Vito had, but it was too big for me and I was scared just SITTING on it due to sheer HEIGHT! Whatever, I'm just not used to bikes plus that time flipping (literally) because I squeezed the wrong break is just not a nice memory.

Saturday we went out to a wonderful dinner in the beach town. The yumminess will be reported on later. After dinner we cycled to the place where the beach party was going to be held. This involved a long dark road... our friend Tomas was good enough to take pictures (while biking) yes don't expect any of those from me anytime soon. Thank Tomas!
As you can see, it's long, it's dark and it was even a bit hilly at some point. Everything went ok, but nevertheless I was relieved to get there! (See below me being relieved.)

On the way back we add into the mix the wind, the late hour, and a few other toxic ingredients and we have a STRUGGLE. Let's just say, I'm glad I'm from NY and so dealing with life threatening situations on a daily basis is a norm for me. Anyway, non of the happy people on the picture think riding a bike is life threatening, but for now I THINK IT IS! OK!!!??!!!

The ride back resembled something out of Amazing Race episode when you see the cutely annoying couple helping each other through a "tough" part of the race. Usually involves a half hysterical blond chick screaming something like: "I can't do iiiiiiittt....waahhh waahhhhh" and her usually model/actor boyfriend telling her, "Come on babe, you can do it! you can do it!" Yeah, well I'm glad I had my very own model/actor looking boyfriend helping me through the "crisis".

Ps: last nights bike outfit included a tube top, white pants and heels. :) Hey, just cus you're undergoing EXTREME stress doesn't mean you should look sloppy... ;)

PSPS: momi, daddi, don't worry, I make it more dramatic then it really was, I love the new bike it's GREAT! And my butt is getting a work out! Oh! AND it's not too big for me so I can actually get on it without having to jump up!! kisses!

pspspsps...: Queens day today! It's goregous, sunny and we are heading out to Amsterdam in a bit. Tomorrow full report on the festivities!


I got a BIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>> Sunday, April 29, 2007

So many things to report on already! And the weekend is only mid-way through!!

Tomorrow is Koninginnedag, which is a day to celebrate a queen's birthday. Everyone has a day off and heads into town for a massive street party! Also apparently everyone sells things they don't need flea market style. Hmm... I don't know it will be my first one, we are all heading to Amsterdam to take a look see :)

But firstly, Friday I GOT A BIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A few hours later the "adventures" started... Lets just say, day one: skirt and heels ON A BIKE! and day two... a trek up the hill from a beach party in the middle of the night ON A BIKE!!

Tons of photos coming up... as you can see I AM alive so that's already a bit of a give-away; but there are definitely stories of fear, struggle, denial, illumination and discovery of muscles I never thought I had are still to come! Now if you'll excuse me I will go lean against a wall because sitting down is not possible yet...

Vito darling, can we put a masseuse on payroll please!? And NO she can NOT be from Sweden!


>> Friday, April 27, 2007

Waw do all Dutch men cook??

We went to dinner at Vito's brothers house. Hmm, lets see, his Italian name will be Mariano!

It was total deliciousness...

For starter a lovely salad topped with toasted black bread with warm goat cheese and the whole ensemble came together with a home made honey mustard vinaigrette! Yum-O! (In the words of my girl Rachel.)

Then there were these aromatic stakes that were later dressed with (home made again) blue cheese sauce.... goooooood!

And for desert, some lemon sorbet with fresh strawberries!

Hmmm... well when he comes over for dinner I'll just have to make my big specialty... fried bananas! Hahaa... yeah, I have some books to look at...

PS: and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dad!!! He is 28 today!!! Wheeeeee!!!!! ...wait... that makes him younger then me... Dad, are you lying to me!????

My dad is seriously the coolest ever, an athlete - back in Ukraine he used to roll in the snow and go for a nice FREEZING dip in the river, in the WINTER!!! (We got photographic proof!) He was in weight lifting competitions. And apparently his biseps were so huge he could not reach over to brush his own hair... so my mom had to do it for him! (Or did he just say it as a pick-up line?...)

He is also a super dad- and I don't mean that he always has the best advice, which he does, but that he has fathered children on TWO CONTINENTS! (Yes, sure my mom did help in both cases, but she'll get her very own paragraph next month, because it'll be her birthday... she'll be turning 19.)

Yeah, that's my dad I have to thank for being so incredibly picky and taking my time in finding a great guy. All the romantic stories about my parents dating have completely spoiled me... and I had some pretty high parameters. He has to be smart, a sportsman, and be willing to get on a plane to come see me! Then out of nowhere came Vito (on a plane) and miraculously filled all these categories!! There is just one thing, he doesn't roll around in the snow or go for swims in the winter, but I had to overlook that. After all, no one can be perfect... like papochka!! :)


(sorry Vito, you are perfect too, in fact, please NEVER go for swims in the winter!)


How we met

>> Thursday, April 26, 2007

So yes the other day when I was talking about how wonderfully we spend time at the beach, some people were concerned that some other people will think I moved here BECAUSE of the beach. Obviously not true... it was because of Vito's cooking!!! Duh!!!!!!!

So seriously, I was just making a point of how moving from NYC to this city I am not giving up anything CITY SPECIFIC! (Great, now I will get hate mail from my friends and family reminding me that THEY're in NY... I'm JUST talking CITY FACILITIES OK!?) So anyway, my favorite thing about New York was actually the beaches in Long Island, so since there is a great beach here I don't feel like I'm missing out on what NY has to offer by moving here. Are we CLEAR!?

And actually.... going back a year an a half THE BEACH was precisely how this story began... (the Vito and I story that is).

We have been working together in the "virtual office". Yes, thank goodness for modernity eh? I was in the NY office and he was in the Dutch office. To be more exact his company was collaborating with my company to take care of clients and well this also made me his CLIENT (heheheh).

We would be in contact via email almost on a daily basis but obviously besides the NAME and job function we knew nothing about each other. In fact, I have gathered a not so nice idea about him, I imagined him to be a stuck up, middle aged, beer belly dude, with 3 kids. This was because he just seemed to have an answer and a solution to any kind of problem. (Super annoying no!?) This of course made him an excellent work partner but lets just say, I did not have any sexy day dreams about him... (just yet).

One nice day, either because yet another impossible issue was resolved or I was feeling extra cheerful, I wished him to have a great weekend. Out of that a bit of a conversation developed and I said I'll be going for a run at the beach etc etc... After the weekend I received this picture:
Vito told me that he was ALSO at the beach that weekend with some friends for a party. He also told me not to get the "wrong" idea from looking at the picture. HA! Beach? Friends? Party? That was enough for me to start getting the "RIGHT" idea! This info helped me to deduct the middle age and the 3 kids, but I still didn't know much else...

To continue, I remember more talks about beaches in Panama... and Costa Rica... and Australia... and we have begun a certain friendship. However it wasn't until some time later when I have seen a football team picture of him that I finally saw what a piece of Dutch Hunkness he really was...

And the real shocker came when Vito got on a plane a few month later and came to NY to visit me for a WEEKEND!!! (Faint...faint...faint!!!)

And the rest is history my friends ;)

(Btw this here on the right is the picture of MY beach that I sent to him in response to the "bottles", after all I'm an elegant lady and all...)


Let's do the Wikipedia of our Day of birth...!?

>> Wednesday, April 25, 2007

This is educational so I like it. After all, we're all about education here... ehem... So thanks Cadiz, my buddy my pal, and a very sexy gal for bringing all this knowledge to my attention! :)

1. Go to Wikipedia and enter your birthday without the year: March 26

2. List three events that occurred that day:
1636 - Utrecht University is founded in The Netherlands. (Representing the Dutchie theme.)
1976 - Queen Elizabeth II sent out the first royal email, from the Royal Signals and Radar Establishment.
1979 - Anwar al-Sadat, Menachem Begin and Jimmy Carter sign the Israel-Egypt Peace Treaty in Washington, DC

3. List two important birthdays:
1896 - Rudolf Dassler, Founder of PUMA AG (d. 1974)
1962 - Paul de Leeuw, Dutch television host (Totally famous, I watch his show... I don't really understand it much but I laugh because he turns so red when something is funny.)

4. List one death:
1212 - King Sancho I of Portugal (b. 1154)

5. List one holiday or observance:
Prince Kuhio Day in Hawaii

So now I play tag? Hmm... why not have "Nae" do this exercise! :)

ps: don't worry the food game below is still going on...!


Note to self: Kiss the cook!

Vito the chef cooked dinner the other day... super YUM!

Hahahah and you all thought I'm here only because of the beach! HA! NO! Vito COOKS!!!!

So we're going to play a game guess the ingredients!!! Now it may look easy, but you have to know a bit of Dutch history and culture to figure this one out completely.

I'll start you all off with:
1. Chicken -

What ELSE!???

Recipe will follow once you're all exhausted guessing...

As for me, I'm rushing out of the house to go to Amsterdam again today. I have an interesting apoitment... ;)

AND IT'S SUNNY! So mom don't worry I will take more pictures!

Nae had it right! but it's not fair she has a Dutch boyfriend! :)
Anyway the above recipe is indeed Bami. It's actually Indonesian but very popular in Holland. Why, because Indonesia used to be a Dutch colony.

Anyway how to prepare:

-a pack of asian vegetables
-4 chicken breasts
-seasonings, salt, peper, etc etc etc... (I know I'm soooo helpful but I watched Vito, he basically seasoned the chicken with EVERYTHING)
-2 eggs
-peanut sauce (I'm sure you can get that in any asian food store)
-thick noodles

Cook the noodles. While they're cooking, cut chicken into bite sized pieces, season it (with everything). Saute' in a deep pan in a bit of olive oil. Once allmost done, add to the same pan the asian vegetables continue to saute' untill vegetables are cooked. Once the noodles and chicken/vegetables are done, make an omlet (either in a separate pan or in that same pan and mix-- Vito made it separately and if you place it over the dish it helps keep bami warm! Like a natural cover, brilliant! :)

Add peanut sauce to the noodles and mix it all together! Serve, eat, get seconds mangia mangia!



more Eye Candy!

>> Monday, April 23, 2007

Finally, pictures downloaded! I'm really impressed with the camera on the phone actually.

Yes, more Amsterdam and more canals and boats. You just let me know when you guys get sick of seeing them, I feel like one can never take enough canal photos!?

This weekend there was more relaxing on the beach, in the evening this time. One of the things I love about Holland is sunset being at 8.30pm in Spring. Another, the lovely outdoor lounges to accommodate you watching the late sunsets! Since it's not "sunny all the time" here, whenever there is a ray or two everyone comes out to enjoy them and thus the lounges. They line the beaches and in Amsterdam there are even some lounges on rooftops.

One more thing from the weekend. Vito plays football and his team became champion of the division, so of course there was celebrating to do in the town's hot spot. I met lots of people who all seemed to have one main question for me: "How can one leave the exciting New York for Small Town, Netherlands?" Yes it's true you can get anything and everything in New York, but don't forget, there are literally MILLIONS of other people - all with different understanding of what is good and exciting that want to be accommodated. And lets just say a lot of the times their tastes may be very different from yours.

Instead of being able to get EVERYTHING, I think it's more important to simply get everything you WANT. So to answer their questions, as far as excitement and entertainment goes, this small town, Netherlands got exactly what I like...


Beaches and castles and animals oh my!

>> Friday, April 20, 2007

Ok, fine, so I didn't go to the beach yesterday... I changed my mind and decided to go to the castle instead...

Yes I know, my life is full of such difficult choices! The beach? or the castle? Ohh... what to do!??

This is within about 25 minute walk btw.

It's not actually a castle but a really old Chateau turned into a hotel. Right past this property lie the Dunes with trails and bike paths. What a pretty day, sunny, the birds chirping, flowers blooming... I have to say, I like my new hood!

And check out the sheep frolicking in the field! Oh to be a sheep... sweet life, no? I just wanted to run over there and frolick with them, I bet they're super cuddly and fuzzzzzzy!!! (Don't forget I'm from nyc, the only kinda sheep we get to touch is if it's on an inside of a jacket...)

Vitoooooo darling! Can we get a pet lamb!!!!!!! PllleeEEEeEeEEEeeeeEeEeEeEease!!!! And after I'm bored with it, we can COOK IT! Yey, nice yummy shishka-bobs!!! (oops ... shhhh...)


"I am an alien... just a little alien..."

>> Thursday, April 19, 2007

My beautiful new phone... Yes if you happened to find yourselves in Amsterdam these days you may see a girl walking around kissing a phone... that would be me...

Boo... I still haven't connected it properly to sinc with the computer so can't download pictures from it yet. Nor is it letting me email the pictures... Ew, I'm feeling too blonde at the moment.

Ciao! Today another busy day in the ''office'', will take my highness to the beach.

ps: Everyone is so friendly here, everyone tries to talk to me as I walk to the train station, or grocery store... Some lady started telling me about someone in the hospital... or something???? I told her, yeah, I'm familiar with what's called a "hospital" but that the rest of her story is going to be lost on me. She continued talking and smiling adding hand gestures this time... hmm... still not helping! Just give me my herrings lady and I gotta get a move on!

(Maybe she thought I was Dutch cus' I was buying herrings? And because I obviously cleverly inserted frases such as "ja"and "nee"... but I'm sure by the end of our 'non conversation' she clearly realized I was an alien! Not the ''person from another country" kind, but from another PLANET kind. Yeah well, it was only a matter of time that people would start discovering my real identity... Ok, I have to go and clean my space ship now...)


It's sunny in the kitchen!

I really enjoy some cooking websites (see side bar) and back in NY to relax after stressful day in Manhattan (not at work) but on the ferry avoiding ugly people... I would unwind watching some of Paula, Emril, Giada and Rachel on the FoodNetwork!
There is just something so therapeutic and hypnotic watching people prepare food... you forget all about wars, shootings, killings etc etc ETC ETC!

So here is a bit of a trial. Especially because La Mamma (zuli) does not believe that I'm feeding Vito. And she was a bit horrified that lunch consists of ONLY a sandwich, now she thinks I'm not eating either! We totally eat!

Now I usually just google all my recipes but this one has been modified and re modified over some time so I can share it under my own name:

Mediterranean Cous Cous Salad

black olives
red bell pepper
dried cranberries
ham cut in cubes
To prepare:
Cook cous cous as says on the box. Chop up ingredients above and once cous cous is ready mix it all together! Drizzle a bit of olive oil, a bit of sugar, a bit of salt and finish off with a spritz of lemon or for a real adventure drizzle some honey!!
Can be served warm or cold! (Like, as a cool summer salad for LUNCH the next day, when you're having a day off from sandwiches- hehe)
This can be variated in many ways, like instead of ham, cook chicken and cut into little cubes, instead of cranberry some raisins....
Go wild people!
I've been 'overworking' myself going to Amsterdam twice this week already and going back tomorrow, and... I got my new fabulous NOKIA with which I've also been snapping some photos so can't wait to down load them and see how they worked out... so pics tomorrow!


Relationships are all about COMPROMISE!

>> Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Well before we get to that statement we are going to play another super fun GAME called:

IS... MY... LUNCH... DUTCH!?

That's right people, this time it will be a multiple choice type thing

Is my lunch Dutch??
Well did you pay for it yourself?
Yes, it's Dutch because you're in Holland silly!
Yes, because it's a sandwich
Yes, because it's an open face sandwich
Yes, because you clearly marked it with a Dutch flag! free polls






Well all the answers could technically be correct... ;) but if it had anything to do with it being a sandwich then you are really really good!

Yes, lunches in Holland are mainly consisting of cold sandwiches. For New Yorkers a lunch consists of a SALAD (or if you go to my mom's house it will consist of: soup, ribs and potatoes, dessert, tea, and by the time you're done with all that it'll be time for dinner... so dinner will follow shortly.)

Anyway, the point is, if I am to become a normally functioning member of the Dutch society I must play ball! So that above was my LUNCH! My very DUTCH LUNCH!!! Seven grain bread, tuna salad, tomatoes, a cheese slice and to top it off an olive.

Quite yummy actually...

Now, this adjustment did not come without a compromise. You see, I usually eat a little sandwich for BREAKFAST. (Poppy seed bagel with lox spread can does a body good.) Anyway, since here I'll already be doing the sandwich thing for lunch I had to figure something out for breakfast...

Yes that is cereal you see! I used to eat cereal very rarely, we'll see if it sticks here.

Yeah, I think Holland and I are on the road to be great friends :)


Sunny sunny...sunny sunny sunny!

>> Monday, April 16, 2007

The weekend kicked off on Friday with a dinner at Vito's parents where we had delicious baked fish with carrots, red cabbage and potatoes. For dessert, strawberry pudding. Yummy! (Mom, I know, I know, pictures and recipes.)

Then followed a birthday get together for Danilo. It was very lovely and civilized, since it was a nice evening we all migrated into the garden to sit around a 'home made' outdoor fireplace which apparently did get knocked over later in the night (we were gone by then).
Saturday was a special day for Vito and I. It is exactly one year since our meeting in the International Arrivals Hall at Newark Airport (see there IS one good thing about New Jersey). He was walking out of the security area and I was standing next to a wall (for support). Imagine watching different people walk out and thinking if I'd even recognize him!? Let alone wishing that there would be chemistry. Well obviously there WAS chemistry, since within the first few minutes of meeting I got us lost, in the airport, walking toward my car and Vito said how he couldn't believe he had left a woman in charge of directions. (Yeah, I know, there is nothing like a bit of sexist humour to raise the heartbeat!) That whole weekend was unbelievable... and it was extremely warm in NY and incidentally very much like this weekend here!

Both Saturday and Sunday were spent at the beach which is just 7 mins away by car. There were TONS of people because it is pretty early to be having 28C weather.
I snapped some photos:
The entrance to the beach...

And all along the way there stand parked bikes.

Who knew the North Sea could be so idyllic...

Here everyone is exiting the beach into a little town. Believe it or not it was already around 6pm and the sun still fully shining! Now, the sunset here is around 8.30pm and in the summer its at 10.30pm!!In town everyone was sitting outside on the various patios for dinner or beers. We all headed over to Danilo and Gioelli's house for a barbique fit for rock-stars! (All fire was safely contained within the barbique grill, no more home made fireplaces...)

Ahh... and here the obligatory self faces shot of Vito and I... Oh yeah, he is the one with the long hair!



>> Saturday, April 14, 2007

Today is just a GORGEOUS DAY! And yes it's sunny!!! Why are you surprised? Didn't I say that it will be sunny all the time!? ;)

I had to go to Amsterdam to sort out my language school business and on the way back I walked through Jordaan where everyone and their mothers (children, dogs, sisters... etc) were at the outdoor tables and enjoying life.

Yeah, and in the middle of me being a complete tourist... some "real'' tourists asked me for directions!! (on 3 different occasions). I have a theory about this. There are SUPER tourists, the ones who come on buses snap pictures and follow a guide holding a white umbrella, REAL tourists, who really take time to get to know a city, and there are ETERNALLY DELUSIONAL tourists, those who insist on pretending that they are NOT tourists. I have the delusional tourism perfected to a ''t'', I walk fast, look straight ahead at all times even though I really badly want to look around and stare... and I occasionally glance at my watch... Next week however I want to be a real tourist and go visit some museums or something...!

On the way back I saw a tulip field!!! I yelled at the conductor guy to stop the train because I was having a "tulip emergency" (that's when I MUST stop what I'm doing and go frolic among the tulips) but he didn't hear me...

Btw, I'm only 30 mins on the train from Amsterdam... Apparently here it's a bit of a big deal. Ha! They need to do the Staten Island to Manhattan 3 hour trip on a weekend. (The two, supposedly the SAME CITY!)

And with these thoughts I wish you all a SUPER and SUNNY WEEKEND!!!!!!! Don't let me find out Monday that you didn't do anything fabulous!!!!! The weekend forecast for here promises SUMMER weather and........ SUNSHINE!!

tata darlings!


Doing peachy!

>> Thursday, April 12, 2007

Now, you all are asking me how everything is going so to illustrate I took a few pics around the house.

For example, today I caught our shoes having a conversation:

his shoes: how you doing?
my shoes: heeehe... how YOU doing?

my ''Blonde'' voice: omg! like, we have matching shoes!! it's like... we have SO MUCH in common!

And this one is entitled: Move over boys!

How am I doing? Well, lets just say... everything here sings to ME!!
I especially enjoy having breakfast with Mr. Presley... Yeah! Sing it to me baby!!


>> Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A bit of eye candy...

This is the view from the 5th floor mansion! :) I think it kinda looks like a lux retirement condos in Florida, I feel the need to put on my white straw hat with large brims and sip on a gimlet! Hmm... is it really too early to retire?

Oh and appropriately in the land of Tulips there were... tulips on the table to welcome in to Holland courtesy of Vito's parents! LOVE tulips loooOOove!!

Tomorrow, major reorganization and unpacking! PS: got my PINK NOKIA!!! can't wait till it arrives in the mail!!! ;)


My ''Oscar" acceptance speach

Well first of all, before I launch into the many thank yous I must say that I now know what it's like to win an Oscar. This extended Easter weekend I have received so many hugs, so many congratulations and had so many photos snapped of me that I feel I need to walk around with little signed cards to give away to the crowds of screaming fans.


Ok, so firstly thank you to my parents for being such awesome hosts to all the festivities. My mom was a real rock star with all the dishes that she prepared. And she never got tired of saying: "Eat! Eat! Make me happy!" Vito, myself and my dad really tried our very best, but I believe Kaiya made my mom the happiest of all, since everytime she heard "Eat!" Kaiya did just that! Finishing off the evening with some pickles from a jar! My mom got really emotional and said to my dad: "I love Kaiya! Can we keep her!?''

Besides super intensive home bonding we did make it out to the big city to meet with my friends. So here goes another thank you because you guys were soooooo cute and sexy as you always are! My big emotional line: ''You guys are so gorgeous!!'' La Bottega at Maritime hotel proved itself as a great location. It was not over crowded but cozy and warm!

On Saturday the festivities followed at the Staten Island "chateau" and Daniele entertained my friends downstairs by organizing a very aggressive competition of table tennis.
Wow I'm feeling really behind... there are so many funny details from the weekend that I want to mention...
Like my grandparents speaking to Vito in Russian/german/dutch/somethingski....
Must now go organize the 95 + pictures...
Oh... something delicious in the kitchen!!! Gotta run!!!!
OHH oh... speaking of deliciousness, we thought we would be on "detox" from food but Vito's mom made yummies... on which I will be reporting!!!
So again everyone... thank you thank you, muah, muah... kisses!!!!!


>> Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Helloooooooo from Holland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Reporting live and guess what!? It's SUNNY!!!!!!!!!

Much more to report on the last few days starting with Vito's arrival to NY on Thursday. There was major bonding with the Famiglia on Staten Island then more famiglia (friends) on the Island of Manhattan...!

Lots of pictures on the way!

But first a little wave bye bye to NYC...


Last minute shopping list:

>> Thursday, April 5, 2007

Asti Spumante - 2 no 5 bottles (for me)
Heineken - case (for Vito, mom and I)
Imperial beer - 2 bottles (for Kaiya and I- to commemorate drinking it on our last year's trip to Costa Rica)
Home made Trinidadian Rum Punch - (for Grandma, Grandpa and I)
Sparkling Apple Sider - 1 bottle for Daniele
Evian water - for dad, he is snobby like that :)

oops.... I think I'll be doing too much drinking looks like...

There will be a few get togethers Friday and Saturday. I'm keeping the program jam packed so I don't freak out last minute about LEEEAaaaVVIIiiiNG!!! Aaaaa!


>> Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Can you believe this, in a matter of a week I'll be living in a whole new country! Wow!!

My little brother summed up the situation perfectly the other day:

Daniele: So, are you going to be DUTCH from now on?

He sure knows how to cut to the chase. Like when I showed him this blog he said:

D: "Wow!!! That's you on the internet!! Are you going to be famous??!?"

A: "Yes, sure..."

D: "No, I mean really famous, all over the world???"

A: "Well, I guess you can say that..."

Then Daniele asked the correct question:


Yeah, he knows the right questions to ask in order to get a CLEAR picture.


Color me GLOBAL!

>> Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Yesterday I had some boring stuff to take care of in Manhattan. It was completely UN-glamorous to spend two and a half hours commuting one way but it had to be done.
I compromised with the girl-child in me by taking her out for lunch at the most wonderful place ever The Hampton Chutney Company in SOHO! I always rave about this place because it's very original, their dosas are delicious. Masala chai is awesome!
Of course after a nice lunch some shopping was in order... you know I had to start taking advantage of the weak dollar. (I know I haven't left yet, but it's good to start being in the € frame of mind already.)
Oh and I gave Victoria Secret one more chance. No luck! I'm convinced their designers have never seen real ones in their life!
If you noticed I added the Expat blog logo on the side bar. However, I'm not sure "expat" is really a correct term in today's world. I think "Global Citizen" is a better one! (May I special order my pink passport cover to say that???)
Anyway, it's a complete wonder these days if you are NOT doing the dual or triple country living. Either your job involves international colleagues, or you yourself have a vacation home in another country, but chances are you have some kind of connection to another part of the world different then the one you live it.
So - Global Citizen it is! When do I get the amended passport!??
Waw... this is the future people, first dual country citizenships and soon dual PLANET citizenships!!!!
Imagine in the future: "Sunny all the time... on THE MOON!"
I get really overly 'ambitious' sometimes, I think my coffee was stronger then usual this morning... ;)


What's in a hometown...?

>> Monday, April 2, 2007

Yo! I'd like to do a shout-out to my home girl CADIZ!

Haha, well what I'm trying to say is:

I would like to send air-kisses to my lovely and beautiful friend Cadiz who sent me this t-shirt for my B-day. I can't even believe you girl!!! LISLE!??? (As in Lisle, Illinois)

I'm so glad it was a medium because a small would definitely not have accommodated my vast "sailor's chest" Ahoy!

I will be representing over there in Amsterdam!!! All the homeys from Lisle, IL will be proud! Whassup whassup!!

You see, I have many towns I can call "hometown".

I was born in one very beautiful town... looks a bit like Havana doesn't it? Well, pretty close, the two countries were always very good friends...

This is the picture of the main street. And just how I remember it with trolleys (now days the trolleys don't run anymore). This is the street on which every evening people would come dressed up and promenade up and down and gossip about each other... wonderful!!!

Then I have lived till I was 10 in this beautiful town... Ahh a place with so much history and dramatic views.

After that I have lived in a slightly bigger town...

I've lived there for about 6 years and for my senior year of high-school my family and I moved here.

That up there being Lisle, IL. (And if you don't believe me, check out Cadiz's blog header picture... I believe she took it outside her house or something.) You know how they say if you can make it in New York City you can make it anywhere? Well, that's completely INCORRECT! If you can make it in LISLE you can make it anywhere!!

NYC is easy, there is something for every taste under the sun and there are millions and millions of people to play with. But LISLE!??? How do you survive in the middle of NOTHING!? HOW! Well thank goodness I'm here to tell you... The way to survive in any place of the world is to have a few good people around! To love and hug and frolic around with!!! See, if you have lovely people it all of the sudden doesn't matter weather you're frolicking in outdoor cafes or in the middle of a cornfield, you'll laugh just as hard!

So what's in a hometown? People, they make the place not the buildings (or lack there off). :)


ps: yeah, I'll be ok in Amsterdam too, Vito likes frolicking... In fact did you know the word itself COMES from the DUTCH language!!

Dutch: vrolijk = vro, happy + -lijc, -like

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