>> Saturday, April 14, 2007

Today is just a GORGEOUS DAY! And yes it's sunny!!! Why are you surprised? Didn't I say that it will be sunny all the time!? ;)

I had to go to Amsterdam to sort out my language school business and on the way back I walked through Jordaan where everyone and their mothers (children, dogs, sisters... etc) were at the outdoor tables and enjoying life.

Yeah, and in the middle of me being a complete tourist... some "real'' tourists asked me for directions!! (on 3 different occasions). I have a theory about this. There are SUPER tourists, the ones who come on buses snap pictures and follow a guide holding a white umbrella, REAL tourists, who really take time to get to know a city, and there are ETERNALLY DELUSIONAL tourists, those who insist on pretending that they are NOT tourists. I have the delusional tourism perfected to a ''t'', I walk fast, look straight ahead at all times even though I really badly want to look around and stare... and I occasionally glance at my watch... Next week however I want to be a real tourist and go visit some museums or something...!

On the way back I saw a tulip field!!! I yelled at the conductor guy to stop the train because I was having a "tulip emergency" (that's when I MUST stop what I'm doing and go frolic among the tulips) but he didn't hear me...

Btw, I'm only 30 mins on the train from Amsterdam... Apparently here it's a bit of a big deal. Ha! They need to do the Staten Island to Manhattan 3 hour trip on a weekend. (The two, supposedly the SAME CITY!)

And with these thoughts I wish you all a SUPER and SUNNY WEEKEND!!!!!!! Don't let me find out Monday that you didn't do anything fabulous!!!!! The weekend forecast for here promises SUMMER weather and........ SUNSHINE!!

tata darlings!


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