What's in a hometown...?

>> Monday, April 2, 2007

Yo! I'd like to do a shout-out to my home girl CADIZ!

Haha, well what I'm trying to say is:

I would like to send air-kisses to my lovely and beautiful friend Cadiz who sent me this t-shirt for my B-day. I can't even believe you girl!!! LISLE!??? (As in Lisle, Illinois)

I'm so glad it was a medium because a small would definitely not have accommodated my vast "sailor's chest" Ahoy!

I will be representing over there in Amsterdam!!! All the homeys from Lisle, IL will be proud! Whassup whassup!!

You see, I have many towns I can call "hometown".

I was born in one very beautiful town... looks a bit like Havana doesn't it? Well, pretty close, the two countries were always very good friends...

This is the picture of the main street. And just how I remember it with trolleys (now days the trolleys don't run anymore). This is the street on which every evening people would come dressed up and promenade up and down and gossip about each other... wonderful!!!

Then I have lived till I was 10 in this beautiful town... Ahh a place with so much history and dramatic views.

After that I have lived in a slightly bigger town...

I've lived there for about 6 years and for my senior year of high-school my family and I moved here.

That up there being Lisle, IL. (And if you don't believe me, check out Cadiz's blog header picture... I believe she took it outside her house or something.) You know how they say if you can make it in New York City you can make it anywhere? Well, that's completely INCORRECT! If you can make it in LISLE you can make it anywhere!!

NYC is easy, there is something for every taste under the sun and there are millions and millions of people to play with. But LISLE!??? How do you survive in the middle of NOTHING!? HOW! Well thank goodness I'm here to tell you... The way to survive in any place of the world is to have a few good people around! To love and hug and frolic around with!!! See, if you have lovely people it all of the sudden doesn't matter weather you're frolicking in outdoor cafes or in the middle of a cornfield, you'll laugh just as hard!

So what's in a hometown? People, they make the place not the buildings (or lack there off). :)


ps: yeah, I'll be ok in Amsterdam too, Vito likes frolicking... In fact did you know the word itself COMES from the DUTCH language!!

Dutch: vrolijk = vro, happy + -lijc, -like


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