My Amazing Bike Race... (This episode: The Beach)

>> Monday, April 30, 2007

So HERE he is!!!! Isn't he so nice!!!! (Yes my bike is so beyond being called "it")

I have not biked since I was 8 when I had a little red bike with streamers. I got on a bike once when I was 14 went down the road for 5 seconds then squeezed the wrong hand break and did a somersault in the air (Scratching the entire side of my arm and leg). When I was 23, I got on a bike in Los Angeles and we calmly rode along the beach on a well marked designated path so that experience was ok.

Then last October I was on a bike in Maastricht which was scary but ok because most of the way there was not a person in sight! Later I got on an extra bike Vito had, but it was too big for me and I was scared just SITTING on it due to sheer HEIGHT! Whatever, I'm just not used to bikes plus that time flipping (literally) because I squeezed the wrong break is just not a nice memory.

Saturday we went out to a wonderful dinner in the beach town. The yumminess will be reported on later. After dinner we cycled to the place where the beach party was going to be held. This involved a long dark road... our friend Tomas was good enough to take pictures (while biking) yes don't expect any of those from me anytime soon. Thank Tomas!
As you can see, it's long, it's dark and it was even a bit hilly at some point. Everything went ok, but nevertheless I was relieved to get there! (See below me being relieved.)

On the way back we add into the mix the wind, the late hour, and a few other toxic ingredients and we have a STRUGGLE. Let's just say, I'm glad I'm from NY and so dealing with life threatening situations on a daily basis is a norm for me. Anyway, non of the happy people on the picture think riding a bike is life threatening, but for now I THINK IT IS! OK!!!??!!!

The ride back resembled something out of Amazing Race episode when you see the cutely annoying couple helping each other through a "tough" part of the race. Usually involves a half hysterical blond chick screaming something like: "I can't do iiiiiiittt....waahhh waahhhhh" and her usually model/actor boyfriend telling her, "Come on babe, you can do it! you can do it!" Yeah, well I'm glad I had my very own model/actor looking boyfriend helping me through the "crisis".

Ps: last nights bike outfit included a tube top, white pants and heels. :) Hey, just cus you're undergoing EXTREME stress doesn't mean you should look sloppy... ;)

PSPS: momi, daddi, don't worry, I make it more dramatic then it really was, I love the new bike it's GREAT! And my butt is getting a work out! Oh! AND it's not too big for me so I can actually get on it without having to jump up!! kisses!

pspspsps...: Queens day today! It's goregous, sunny and we are heading out to Amsterdam in a bit. Tomorrow full report on the festivities!


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