Beaches and castles and animals oh my!

>> Friday, April 20, 2007

Ok, fine, so I didn't go to the beach yesterday... I changed my mind and decided to go to the castle instead...

Yes I know, my life is full of such difficult choices! The beach? or the castle? Ohh... what to do!??

This is within about 25 minute walk btw.

It's not actually a castle but a really old Chateau turned into a hotel. Right past this property lie the Dunes with trails and bike paths. What a pretty day, sunny, the birds chirping, flowers blooming... I have to say, I like my new hood!

And check out the sheep frolicking in the field! Oh to be a sheep... sweet life, no? I just wanted to run over there and frolick with them, I bet they're super cuddly and fuzzzzzzy!!! (Don't forget I'm from nyc, the only kinda sheep we get to touch is if it's on an inside of a jacket...)

Vitoooooo darling! Can we get a pet lamb!!!!!!! PllleeEEEeEeEEEeeeeEeEeEeEease!!!! And after I'm bored with it, we can COOK IT! Yey, nice yummy shishka-bobs!!! (oops ... shhhh...)


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