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>> Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Yesterday I had some boring stuff to take care of in Manhattan. It was completely UN-glamorous to spend two and a half hours commuting one way but it had to be done.
I compromised with the girl-child in me by taking her out for lunch at the most wonderful place ever The Hampton Chutney Company in SOHO! I always rave about this place because it's very original, their dosas are delicious. Masala chai is awesome!
Of course after a nice lunch some shopping was in order... you know I had to start taking advantage of the weak dollar. (I know I haven't left yet, but it's good to start being in the € frame of mind already.)
Oh and I gave Victoria Secret one more chance. No luck! I'm convinced their designers have never seen real ones in their life!
If you noticed I added the Expat blog logo on the side bar. However, I'm not sure "expat" is really a correct term in today's world. I think "Global Citizen" is a better one! (May I special order my pink passport cover to say that???)
Anyway, it's a complete wonder these days if you are NOT doing the dual or triple country living. Either your job involves international colleagues, or you yourself have a vacation home in another country, but chances are you have some kind of connection to another part of the world different then the one you live it.
So - Global Citizen it is! When do I get the amended passport!??
Waw... this is the future people, first dual country citizenships and soon dual PLANET citizenships!!!!
Imagine in the future: "Sunny all the time... on THE MOON!"
I get really overly 'ambitious' sometimes, I think my coffee was stronger then usual this morning... ;)


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