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>> Monday, April 16, 2007

The weekend kicked off on Friday with a dinner at Vito's parents where we had delicious baked fish with carrots, red cabbage and potatoes. For dessert, strawberry pudding. Yummy! (Mom, I know, I know, pictures and recipes.)

Then followed a birthday get together for Danilo. It was very lovely and civilized, since it was a nice evening we all migrated into the garden to sit around a 'home made' outdoor fireplace which apparently did get knocked over later in the night (we were gone by then).
Saturday was a special day for Vito and I. It is exactly one year since our meeting in the International Arrivals Hall at Newark Airport (see there IS one good thing about New Jersey). He was walking out of the security area and I was standing next to a wall (for support). Imagine watching different people walk out and thinking if I'd even recognize him!? Let alone wishing that there would be chemistry. Well obviously there WAS chemistry, since within the first few minutes of meeting I got us lost, in the airport, walking toward my car and Vito said how he couldn't believe he had left a woman in charge of directions. (Yeah, I know, there is nothing like a bit of sexist humour to raise the heartbeat!) That whole weekend was unbelievable... and it was extremely warm in NY and incidentally very much like this weekend here!

Both Saturday and Sunday were spent at the beach which is just 7 mins away by car. There were TONS of people because it is pretty early to be having 28C weather.
I snapped some photos:
The entrance to the beach...

And all along the way there stand parked bikes.

Who knew the North Sea could be so idyllic...

Here everyone is exiting the beach into a little town. Believe it or not it was already around 6pm and the sun still fully shining! Now, the sunset here is around 8.30pm and in the summer its at 10.30pm!!In town everyone was sitting outside on the various patios for dinner or beers. We all headed over to Danilo and Gioelli's house for a barbique fit for rock-stars! (All fire was safely contained within the barbique grill, no more home made fireplaces...)

Ahh... and here the obligatory self faces shot of Vito and I... Oh yeah, he is the one with the long hair!


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