Relationships are all about COMPROMISE!

>> Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Well before we get to that statement we are going to play another super fun GAME called:

IS... MY... LUNCH... DUTCH!?

That's right people, this time it will be a multiple choice type thing

Is my lunch Dutch??
Well did you pay for it yourself?
Yes, it's Dutch because you're in Holland silly!
Yes, because it's a sandwich
Yes, because it's an open face sandwich
Yes, because you clearly marked it with a Dutch flag! free polls






Well all the answers could technically be correct... ;) but if it had anything to do with it being a sandwich then you are really really good!

Yes, lunches in Holland are mainly consisting of cold sandwiches. For New Yorkers a lunch consists of a SALAD (or if you go to my mom's house it will consist of: soup, ribs and potatoes, dessert, tea, and by the time you're done with all that it'll be time for dinner... so dinner will follow shortly.)

Anyway, the point is, if I am to become a normally functioning member of the Dutch society I must play ball! So that above was my LUNCH! My very DUTCH LUNCH!!! Seven grain bread, tuna salad, tomatoes, a cheese slice and to top it off an olive.

Quite yummy actually...

Now, this adjustment did not come without a compromise. You see, I usually eat a little sandwich for BREAKFAST. (Poppy seed bagel with lox spread can does a body good.) Anyway, since here I'll already be doing the sandwich thing for lunch I had to figure something out for breakfast...

Yes that is cereal you see! I used to eat cereal very rarely, we'll see if it sticks here.

Yeah, I think Holland and I are on the road to be great friends :)


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