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>> Thursday, April 26, 2007

So yes the other day when I was talking about how wonderfully we spend time at the beach, some people were concerned that some other people will think I moved here BECAUSE of the beach. Obviously not true... it was because of Vito's cooking!!! Duh!!!!!!!

So seriously, I was just making a point of how moving from NYC to this city I am not giving up anything CITY SPECIFIC! (Great, now I will get hate mail from my friends and family reminding me that THEY're in NY... I'm JUST talking CITY FACILITIES OK!?) So anyway, my favorite thing about New York was actually the beaches in Long Island, so since there is a great beach here I don't feel like I'm missing out on what NY has to offer by moving here. Are we CLEAR!?

And actually.... going back a year an a half THE BEACH was precisely how this story began... (the Vito and I story that is).

We have been working together in the "virtual office". Yes, thank goodness for modernity eh? I was in the NY office and he was in the Dutch office. To be more exact his company was collaborating with my company to take care of clients and well this also made me his CLIENT (heheheh).

We would be in contact via email almost on a daily basis but obviously besides the NAME and job function we knew nothing about each other. In fact, I have gathered a not so nice idea about him, I imagined him to be a stuck up, middle aged, beer belly dude, with 3 kids. This was because he just seemed to have an answer and a solution to any kind of problem. (Super annoying no!?) This of course made him an excellent work partner but lets just say, I did not have any sexy day dreams about him... (just yet).

One nice day, either because yet another impossible issue was resolved or I was feeling extra cheerful, I wished him to have a great weekend. Out of that a bit of a conversation developed and I said I'll be going for a run at the beach etc etc... After the weekend I received this picture:
Vito told me that he was ALSO at the beach that weekend with some friends for a party. He also told me not to get the "wrong" idea from looking at the picture. HA! Beach? Friends? Party? That was enough for me to start getting the "RIGHT" idea! This info helped me to deduct the middle age and the 3 kids, but I still didn't know much else...

To continue, I remember more talks about beaches in Panama... and Costa Rica... and Australia... and we have begun a certain friendship. However it wasn't until some time later when I have seen a football team picture of him that I finally saw what a piece of Dutch Hunkness he really was...

And the real shocker came when Vito got on a plane a few month later and came to NY to visit me for a WEEKEND!!! (Faint...faint...faint!!!)

And the rest is history my friends ;)

(Btw this here on the right is the picture of MY beach that I sent to him in response to the "bottles", after all I'm an elegant lady and all...)


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