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>> Thursday, April 19, 2007

I really enjoy some cooking websites (see side bar) and back in NY to relax after stressful day in Manhattan (not at work) but on the ferry avoiding ugly people... I would unwind watching some of Paula, Emril, Giada and Rachel on the FoodNetwork!
There is just something so therapeutic and hypnotic watching people prepare food... you forget all about wars, shootings, killings etc etc ETC ETC!

So here is a bit of a trial. Especially because La Mamma (zuli) does not believe that I'm feeding Vito. And she was a bit horrified that lunch consists of ONLY a sandwich, now she thinks I'm not eating either! We totally eat!

Now I usually just google all my recipes but this one has been modified and re modified over some time so I can share it under my own name:

Mediterranean Cous Cous Salad

black olives
red bell pepper
dried cranberries
ham cut in cubes
To prepare:
Cook cous cous as says on the box. Chop up ingredients above and once cous cous is ready mix it all together! Drizzle a bit of olive oil, a bit of sugar, a bit of salt and finish off with a spritz of lemon or for a real adventure drizzle some honey!!
Can be served warm or cold! (Like, as a cool summer salad for LUNCH the next day, when you're having a day off from sandwiches- hehe)
This can be variated in many ways, like instead of ham, cook chicken and cut into little cubes, instead of cranberry some raisins....
Go wild people!
I've been 'overworking' myself going to Amsterdam twice this week already and going back tomorrow, and... I got my new fabulous NOKIA with which I've also been snapping some photos so can't wait to down load them and see how they worked out... so pics tomorrow!


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