"I am an alien... just a little alien..."

>> Thursday, April 19, 2007

My beautiful new phone... Yes if you happened to find yourselves in Amsterdam these days you may see a girl walking around kissing a phone... that would be me...

Boo... I still haven't connected it properly to sinc with the computer so can't download pictures from it yet. Nor is it letting me email the pictures... Ew, I'm feeling too blonde at the moment.

Ciao! Today another busy day in the ''office'', will take my highness to the beach.

ps: Everyone is so friendly here, everyone tries to talk to me as I walk to the train station, or grocery store... Some lady started telling me about someone in the hospital... or something???? I told her, yeah, I'm familiar with what's called a "hospital" but that the rest of her story is going to be lost on me. She continued talking and smiling adding hand gestures this time... hmm... still not helping! Just give me my herrings lady and I gotta get a move on!

(Maybe she thought I was Dutch cus' I was buying herrings? And because I obviously cleverly inserted frases such as "ja"and "nee"... but I'm sure by the end of our 'non conversation' she clearly realized I was an alien! Not the ''person from another country" kind, but from another PLANET kind. Yeah well, it was only a matter of time that people would start discovering my real identity... Ok, I have to go and clean my space ship now...)


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