Last minute shopping list:

>> Thursday, April 5, 2007

Asti Spumante - 2 no 5 bottles (for me)
Heineken - case (for Vito, mom and I)
Imperial beer - 2 bottles (for Kaiya and I- to commemorate drinking it on our last year's trip to Costa Rica)
Home made Trinidadian Rum Punch - (for Grandma, Grandpa and I)
Sparkling Apple Sider - 1 bottle for Daniele
Evian water - for dad, he is snobby like that :)

oops.... I think I'll be doing too much drinking looks like...

There will be a few get togethers Friday and Saturday. I'm keeping the program jam packed so I don't freak out last minute about LEEEAaaaVVIIiiiNG!!! Aaaaa!


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