I got a BIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>> Sunday, April 29, 2007

So many things to report on already! And the weekend is only mid-way through!!

Tomorrow is Koninginnedag, which is a day to celebrate a queen's birthday. Everyone has a day off and heads into town for a massive street party! Also apparently everyone sells things they don't need flea market style. Hmm... I don't know it will be my first one, we are all heading to Amsterdam to take a look see :)

But firstly, Friday I GOT A BIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A few hours later the "adventures" started... Lets just say, day one: skirt and heels ON A BIKE! and day two... a trek up the hill from a beach party in the middle of the night ON A BIKE!!

Tons of photos coming up... as you can see I AM alive so that's already a bit of a give-away; but there are definitely stories of fear, struggle, denial, illumination and discovery of muscles I never thought I had are still to come! Now if you'll excuse me I will go lean against a wall because sitting down is not possible yet...

Vito darling, can we put a masseuse on payroll please!? And NO she can NOT be from Sweden!


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