My ''Oscar" acceptance speach

>> Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Well first of all, before I launch into the many thank yous I must say that I now know what it's like to win an Oscar. This extended Easter weekend I have received so many hugs, so many congratulations and had so many photos snapped of me that I feel I need to walk around with little signed cards to give away to the crowds of screaming fans.


Ok, so firstly thank you to my parents for being such awesome hosts to all the festivities. My mom was a real rock star with all the dishes that she prepared. And she never got tired of saying: "Eat! Eat! Make me happy!" Vito, myself and my dad really tried our very best, but I believe Kaiya made my mom the happiest of all, since everytime she heard "Eat!" Kaiya did just that! Finishing off the evening with some pickles from a jar! My mom got really emotional and said to my dad: "I love Kaiya! Can we keep her!?''

Besides super intensive home bonding we did make it out to the big city to meet with my friends. So here goes another thank you because you guys were soooooo cute and sexy as you always are! My big emotional line: ''You guys are so gorgeous!!'' La Bottega at Maritime hotel proved itself as a great location. It was not over crowded but cozy and warm!

On Saturday the festivities followed at the Staten Island "chateau" and Daniele entertained my friends downstairs by organizing a very aggressive competition of table tennis.
Wow I'm feeling really behind... there are so many funny details from the weekend that I want to mention...
Like my grandparents speaking to Vito in Russian/german/dutch/somethingski....
Must now go organize the 95 + pictures...
Oh... something delicious in the kitchen!!! Gotta run!!!!
OHH oh... speaking of deliciousness, we thought we would be on "detox" from food but Vito's mom made yummies... on which I will be reporting!!!
So again everyone... thank you thank you, muah, muah... kisses!!!!!


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