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>> Monday, April 23, 2007

Finally, pictures downloaded! I'm really impressed with the camera on the phone actually.

Yes, more Amsterdam and more canals and boats. You just let me know when you guys get sick of seeing them, I feel like one can never take enough canal photos!?

This weekend there was more relaxing on the beach, in the evening this time. One of the things I love about Holland is sunset being at 8.30pm in Spring. Another, the lovely outdoor lounges to accommodate you watching the late sunsets! Since it's not "sunny all the time" here, whenever there is a ray or two everyone comes out to enjoy them and thus the lounges. They line the beaches and in Amsterdam there are even some lounges on rooftops.

One more thing from the weekend. Vito plays football and his team became champion of the division, so of course there was celebrating to do in the town's hot spot. I met lots of people who all seemed to have one main question for me: "How can one leave the exciting New York for Small Town, Netherlands?" Yes it's true you can get anything and everything in New York, but don't forget, there are literally MILLIONS of other people - all with different understanding of what is good and exciting that want to be accommodated. And lets just say a lot of the times their tastes may be very different from yours.

Instead of being able to get EVERYTHING, I think it's more important to simply get everything you WANT. So to answer their questions, as far as excitement and entertainment goes, this small town, Netherlands got exactly what I like...


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