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>> Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Vito the chef cooked dinner the other day... super YUM!

Hahahah and you all thought I'm here only because of the beach! HA! NO! Vito COOKS!!!!

So we're going to play a game guess the ingredients!!! Now it may look easy, but you have to know a bit of Dutch history and culture to figure this one out completely.

I'll start you all off with:
1. Chicken -

What ELSE!???

Recipe will follow once you're all exhausted guessing...

As for me, I'm rushing out of the house to go to Amsterdam again today. I have an interesting apoitment... ;)

AND IT'S SUNNY! So mom don't worry I will take more pictures!

Nae had it right! but it's not fair she has a Dutch boyfriend! :)
Anyway the above recipe is indeed Bami. It's actually Indonesian but very popular in Holland. Why, because Indonesia used to be a Dutch colony.

Anyway how to prepare:

-a pack of asian vegetables
-4 chicken breasts
-seasonings, salt, peper, etc etc etc... (I know I'm soooo helpful but I watched Vito, he basically seasoned the chicken with EVERYTHING)
-2 eggs
-peanut sauce (I'm sure you can get that in any asian food store)
-thick noodles

Cook the noodles. While they're cooking, cut chicken into bite sized pieces, season it (with everything). Saute' in a deep pan in a bit of olive oil. Once allmost done, add to the same pan the asian vegetables continue to saute' untill vegetables are cooked. Once the noodles and chicken/vegetables are done, make an omlet (either in a separate pan or in that same pan and mix-- Vito made it separately and if you place it over the dish it helps keep bami warm! Like a natural cover, brilliant! :)

Add peanut sauce to the noodles and mix it all together! Serve, eat, get seconds mangia mangia!



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