>> Saturday, September 9, 2006

Yes the sun DID come out!!!!

The night before coming back from going out having drunk many alcoholic beverages the varying kinds, we failed to notice that the wind has completely died down and the ocean was still. The storm just passed on to other fun things I guess.

Sunday the entire island made a mad dash to the beach! We were there all day making fun of kids, dogs, fake boobs, skinny lifeguard boys, etc..etc..etc..etc..etc...

For some reason there were signs everywhere saying that no food or drinks were allowed on the beach, so when we got hungry, we totally didn't walk over to get delicious crab wraps with lettice and tomato, nor did we walk back onto the beach with obvious "Thank You" grocery bags. We didn't proceed to sit down, we didn't comment on how crunchy the celery was. Then we didn't drink delicious and refreshing snapple ice tea, raspberry and lemon. We so didn't!

Anyway I think I'm beginning to really understand what romance is. Its not about what you do exactly, but who you do it with. If you really like someone everything seems like out of a movie...

(barrrrffff) - yes you may! :)

Ok I'm going to interrupt the sloppy love story and etc, to comment on how ANNOYING the Fashion Week non sense is. I'm a block away from Bryant Park where the Olympus Fashion Week is going on, it is impossible to walk!!!! All them models and celebrities keep getting in the freakin way! TRES annoying! Some skinny annoying girls had the BALLS to stop me and offer me a free make over in some pink trailer thing of theirs. I was like... "Have you SEEN me!? Are you even looking at it!???" Gesturing wildly around my face. "Does it look like I NEED a make over!? HUUUH!????" I think they pied their pink pants.

Too tired... and I still have the 'meeting the parents' "episode" to describe... tomorrow I guess...

Have a great weekend!


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