Ahhh La Dolce Vita!

>> Thursday, September 7, 2006

So it all started with a dramatic "run towards" each other in the Arrivals Hall.... Well, he was more like walking, and I was more like gliding since the SUPER high heels I was wearing did not really permit any other kinds of movements. My sweet darling BCBGs, I still remember the day I brought them home... Anyway, after that we headed directly to dinner since we had exactly 25 minutes to get there before the kitchen closed! We made it! Then realized no one was actually hungry...

Next day headed to Isla del Fuego. It was a bit dreary, but still warm and a bit humid. There is just something sexy about a brewing storm, all that energy in the air that you can almost taste. It was so nice to sit there with his arm around me... ...pause... (Yes, that was a specially designed pause to allow for involuntary gagging.) Don't worry, we did not look like a vulgar grouping couple, it was a bit windy and I was wearing the shortest skirt known to man, so the arm around me was seasonally appropriate indeed!

Seriously ladies, the right man is SUCH a wonderful accessory its unbelievable. Funny, men think that women are something to carry on the arm, when in fact, its THEM that are being worn around the shoulder, instead of nice shawls... Ahhhh... some things just work out so well!

Check out the wild beasts that roam the island... well besides Nico and I! Haaaa-ha...ha?

That evening we had dinner at this awesome seafood place, it stands right on the water and has a little pier for docking your boat while you eat. (Posh no!?) Well, needless to say with the rolling in storm there were no cute little boats docking... As we progressed with our delicious dinners... the only way to describe what was happening is to do an excerpt from our conversation...

Ale: (bedroom eyes) Hmmm... I wonder how long it will take for the waves to carry us off into the ocean..?

Nico: No, don't worry! The thin plastic covering that's separating us from the crashing waves seems to be working very well! (bedroom eyes) More wine?

Saturday was spent in much the same fashion. The picture above is what the beach looked like on Friday, and on Saturday the water basically engulfed the entire sandy part!!

...to be continued...

Still some questions to answer... Will Nico and Ale really be washed into the ocean? Will they have a yummy lunch?? What beer choices will be made by the diverse international couple on one rainy afternoon...? Will the sun EVER COME OUT????

over and out for now captain!


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