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>> Saturday, March 24, 2007

The entire downstairs of my parents house is filled with various piles of various clothes from various eras. Ok, I'm not THAT old (yet, come Monday I'll be even OLDER) but there are just certain pieces that I'm really attached to.

Check out the internal voices: "But this is the little t-shirt I was wearing when that cute boy kissed me at my friend's sweet sixteen!" Or- "This is the sweatshirt I got in Gap when the girls and I were driving on an impromptu trip from San Luis Obispo to LA and it got cold..." Even though all this stuff may have shrunk beyond remedy, or has paint stains on them, I never wanted to throw it away.

For example:

A perfectly nice NYC Lifeguard t-shirt given to me by my very first boyfriend. Its historical! How can I throw it out? Besides, its ORANGE and I can wear it to cheer the Dutch National Football team. See!! Makes perfect sense to keep it right!?

Or this sweater! I don't even know HOW I got it... probably from camp. Around week 5 we'd reach the point, when everyone has run out of clean laundry and wearing each others' dirty clothes was somehow better. (Just to calculate, this was about 17 yrs ago and this sweater wasn't new when I came across it either! This sweatshirt is over 20 years old probably!!)

There are of course "The Untouchables", stuff that I've worn maybe once or twice, that have somehow failed to make friends with any other pieces of clothes and remained on the top shelves untouched for years. Like this little thing all the way from Italy:

That pile I'm donating to my favorite charity and oh look they have a blog too :) They're awesome! They take groups of volunteers down to Dominican Republic and build stuff, school rooms, little houses. And once basic construction is in place other larger organizations are able to place teachers and nurses there.

Well, someone sure is going to be stylin' in a Miss Sixty shirt over in DR. That's the only way I feel OK to part with such a piece! Hopefully no local bull will mistake them for a young cow... ehem..

This packing thing is harder then I thought!

Oh and remember how we were having a grand ol time the other day discussing the tragic lack of Target stores over in Europe?? Well, after reading it super Vito emailed me a link to what apparently IS the answer to Target in the Netherlands: "Where smart shopper buys". Not a very snazzy website but basically the same idea of good quality for low prices with stores in multiple locations. Yes I even found a 100% cotton tee at a comparable 4.99Euros.

See this is the difference between men and women, we just kinda like to discuss stuff and it doesn't mean that we are necessarily unhappy or see something as a problem. Men don't do that, if there is an "issue" they SOLVE it, otherwise there is NO issue and it's not worth discussing.

I guess that's how the Roman Empire got so HUGE and out of control. Cleopatra woke up one day on the wrong side of her bed, got pissy, told her man-toy Julius (Ceasar) that she wants to rule the entire world... and I guess that's what he tried to do (and got killed trying)... there you have it: the Roman Empire. I guess that's why they say "women should be seen and not heard" what we say apparently has very powerful effect on men. Well of course there is also the case of Hellen of Troy... she kept her mouth shut and her beauty alone STILL caused a WAR! Oopsie? My goodness girls we really must be careful!

Oh and speaking of gorgeous women, it's my friend's RiRi's Birthday today!!! Yey! (I italianized her name a bit, I mean Italians have GiGi? so why not RiRi?)


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