Good times roll in Bean Town

>> Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Oh what a fun weekend I tell ya!

I drove into town, with just enough time to park at the economy lot of Logan airport (figured I'd leave the car there since parking in the city would be double!), run into the bathroom to check the hair, and attach myself sexyly to a wall and see Nico walk out of the sliding door. Actually, he caught me staring in disapproval at this couple making out in a disgusting fashion... only to find us do the same a minute later!!! hahaha! (We did at least walk off to the side a bit not just stand in the middle of other people coming out!)

Ahh Bean Town, what a joy of a town! Pretty and sweet like a cupcake!

Totally walkable, really! You can walk from the very beginning of Newburry st to the top of Little Italy in an hour or so. (note: it will take longer if you stop to have a beer on every corner.)

And you KNOW there will be plenty of pubs in a town with 68 colleges and universities! Isn't there some kind of national statistically derived ration of students to bars?

There was also a ton of place to do some serious shopping!

All that walking, drinking, and shopping will surely get you exhausted so a healthy dinner will be in order...

Trendiness is happening in all its glory all up and down Newburry street where "hip" wannabe's parade up and down. Now I say wannabe's because, there is something just which is just not happening for our Bostonites when it comes to fashion.

Fashion report:

  • Wearing all black is out! Has been out for a while!! And unless you're a New Yorker on Laundry day (at the Laundromat) do not wear an outfit that is all black!!
  • Square toe shoes are NOT in, and will NOT be in, ever! So just remove those carefully from your feet and back away. If you have matches and are outside in a designated area for barbecuing, please feel free to set fire to the removed items.
  • Cowboy boots, sorry to see them go, but they're gone!
  • All white suit is vulgar when worn in the winter. (Especially paired with square toed black boots.) Total ew!
  • Make-up: ladies please, crack that Vogue open!!! No brown lipstick!!! That was TEN years ago!!!! Actually more like FIFTEEN!
  • And guys, no its NOT cool to be wearing shorts and flipflops as you navigate through frozen puddles and patches of snow on the streets!!! Your frozen red chicken legs are NOT looking sexy!

On the other note: Sexy drinks with sexy views however touristy will never go out of style...

"Sophisticated comfort food" at Stephanies on Newburry really is VERY delicious!!! Don't even think about going there for brunch though. You'll be there waiting with the rest of Bean Town! For Lunch on any other day, is highly advisable.

We were there Monday and it was PACKED, but definitely a must at some point.

Very different inside too, fireplace, and a bit of an old world sitting room decor.

And here is a pick of a typical residential street in the poshness of Back Bay.


Monz,  March 6, 2007 at 11:18 PM  

Boston is fun! Did yu drink at the "real" Cheers? "Bull & Finch Pub" I think it used to be called . . . And don't forget to nab a chunk of the Old North Church!

cadiz12 March 6, 2007 at 11:30 PM  

great pics and commentary, ale! looks like you hit some very cool spots. do i spy a rainy shot at the bottom, though? whatever did you do to entertain yourselves when it was pouring?

and what IS with people running around in shorts during the winter? i don't get it.

Alessandra,  March 6, 2007 at 11:51 PM  

cadiz- i give you a hint- when it rained we did something very exciting that sure does raise heart beat!!! ....fine i'll just tell you, SHOPPING!!!! :))))

monz we were going to do the freedom trail - but then ended up doing the BAR trail... and didnt even make it to original cheers, i heard it isnt really great, but we went everywhere else! :)

Mike March 9, 2007 at 8:10 AM  

Sounds like you had a good time :)

Boston isn't really my kind of town, but it does sound like a nice place to visit. And you gotta visit Cheers once in your life, right?

ian llorens March 16, 2007 at 4:20 AM  

Next time let me know whe you come to my town. Boston may be too big for the two of us, though I spend most of my time at the Children's museum.

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