Cowboy up!

>> Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Yeeehaw! Now where did I park my horse last night!??!!

So we're going to take a moment away from International Relations, cus' I think its important to take a look at my new boots!

Yeah, yeah, I know cowboy boots are popular and everyone has them, but I started it!!!! I did, I did!! I got my first pair four years ago! And they were pretty wild looking, deep blood snake. Very vulgar. Now since they're so mainstream I decided to go with a more natural looking pair. (They're the result of my shoegasming last week- at Shoegasm store, of course.)

My very first introduction to real life Cowboys happened at Cal Poly. (California Polytechnic University, at the beautiful San Luis Obispo.) Their Rodeo team is very good, as I was told by my friends that took me to see my very first Rodeo. Cal Poly has one of the largest agricultural programs in the country. Its really awesome on the campus, they have huge pigs, and horses and cows! (Oh my!) I remember having a total crush on the Rodeo club president. Hehe, he had nice thick thighs. I think guys with substantial legs are sexy. This year's guys and gals are #2 nation wide (after Texas). When I was trying to decide my career (at 14) Manager of a Farm was seriously one of my considerations. I don't know where I went wrong and what happened to that dream... ahhh.

But back to my cowboy boots...

Some people may say, "ohhh how vulgar, cosmopolitan city folks are wearing cowboy boots, what kind of perversion is that!" Well to answer that, I say: "What are you talking about!? We have PLENTY of Cowboys in NYC!!!"

We have...

The Naked Cowboy - You can find him most days right in Times Square wearing his cowboy hat, his guitar, boots and underwear. That's it. Otherwise he is NAKED! AND he stays Naked even in November.

Ok, fine he is a singer, but we do have real cowboys...

But the Federation of Black Cowboys over in Howard Beach, Queens are for real. They have stables and participate in Rodeos. They also work with inner city kids. This picture for example was take by someone who saw them in Prospect Park, which is in Brooklyn.

Just goes to show you that ANYTHING is possible. I mean, come on, if we can have Cowboys in NYC then... world is full of opportunities.

And in case you were wondering...

"Cowboy up" means: tuff-up, get back on yer horse, don't back down, don't give up, and do the best you can with the hand you're dealt.


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